At the End of Our Hope

One of the early quests after you reach Ishgard is “At the End of Our Hope”. As you wander North, doing quests and gradually opening the map, you come to the Duty entry for this quest. No spoilers. This is the first Heavensward solo duty and it’s held in a huge area. Unlike the ARR duties, which are in very small areas, this one drops you into the great open wastes with few land marks. I messed up and spent 10 minutes finding my way back to the quest and that was after seeing a video. So take care.

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Dyson V7 is Old News

I called Dyson recently to get some attachments for my Ancient DC 44 portable vacuum, and they offered me a special price on a Dyson V7. Now I get why. And I’m not unhappy, but also not surprised. The latest model is V10, so they want to dump those old V7’s they still have in the warehouse, apparently. My DC 44 is old enough that someday I’ll need a new battery and those are expensive, so I was hedging my bets by taking the V7 deal.

The V7 has some new attachments and a more convenient latch for them. Instead of having to use two hands, you can remove the attachments with one hand. How cool, and how obvious.

I got the V7 “Motorhead” which came with a wide floor motorized brush, straight extension, combo brush and crevice tool. In addition, a few days later a package arrived with the “Up Top” bending tool, the angle brush and the extension hose, probably due to having done automatic registration or something.

Anyway, the V7 is very cool. Easier to empty, with even more cyclone thingies and more powerful suction.

I have allergies, and Dyson’s allow me to clean the house without sneezing since nothing gets by those cyclones. I have an old pre-ball model for the floors and portables for dusting. No rags for me to dust. If you have allergies, you might like to try a Dyson.