Ishgardian Gear

Upon completing the “A Realm Reborn” main story quest “Before the Dawn” you arrive in Ishgard, the capital city of the Heavensward expansion. No Spoilers, but you will want to get a box of tissues and allow plenty of time to finish up “A Realm Reborn”.

At this point I have been doing Daily Main Scenario Roulettes and have geared up jobs I don’t even have yet. I have fully augmented Ironworks gear for White Mage [ Level 62], Red Mage [56], with Paladin [30’s] and Dragoon [40’s] following.

But Ishgard is in the Mountains of the Far North. So my outfit is hardly suitable.

The Ironworks Healer and Caster “Tent” has been “Glamorized” to something more attractive, but really only suitable for Warmer climes.  These show the Red Mage Caster variety. The Elezen top is quite attractive. The healer variety employs a long open robe with the white Ironworks Healer boots. A little nicer for the cold, but clearly the “Caster” gear needs work.

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