Fixing Cabela’s Moccasins

A long time ago I got some Cabela’s Moccasin Duck Boots. These are great for here in Coastal Oregon, where the grass never dries. And they should be easy to slip on and off at the door. But the problem is that they never were easy to put on and take off. The Tongue of the shoes was turned in rather than out.

As you can see from these pictures, I’ve figured out how to re-string the laces to correct this issue. On the left is the original shoe and the right picture shows one repaired shoe.

The fix involves punching new holes for the laces and stringing the laces on top of the edges rather than from behind the edges to hold the tongues upright.

Since the tongues are now held upright, it’s easy to slip your feet in and out of the moccasins as intended.

The last part of the fix involves using a glue-gun to glue the lace knots so that the knots will not come apart.

An older pair of LL Bean rubber moccasins did not have this problem with the tongue.

So if you have a similar problem with shoes, perhaps this fix will help you fix yours.