Wow – Hurray! Draenor Pathfinder!


Wow_2017_09_11_21_45_15_784x.jpgHurray! Draenor Pathfinder! Flight for everyone in Draenor.

But, Well. I must confess. I used a shortcut.

It turns out that there is this item called Medallion of the Legion that gives 1000 rep for all the factions in Draenor. Super short cut.

These are dropped at a low rate from some bosses on Draenor, but they appear on the Auction House. When I first looked they were going for about 16KG each, but later I found them for 6.5KG each. But in a few hours I had enough Medallions.

The Rep for Saberstalkers was behind by a couple of thousand, so I spent an hour farming those in Fangri’la and when I had caught up that rep to the others, I had enough claws for that ugly boar mount.


1000, not 5000. This area is very popular with folks flying in and out all the time to farm these things. I guess they are farming the 5000 claw mount. Since they are flying it’s not for the Pathfinder achievement.


So I have the Soaring Skyterror mount, but more importantly, all my Alts can fly in Draenor.

Now as soon as Maintenance is over I’ll get back to leveling my toons to 90, getting flight in Pandaria and then putting a level or two on these before going to Draenor. I mentioned that you always need to put a level or two extra on your toon before a new campaign? Heirloom item levels lag by a level on a campaign change.