Wow – Fishing Is Not That Hard

Fishing in Krasarang Wilds

If you want the Azure Water Strider mount, maybe because you’ve heard that the Broken Isles has lots of ponds and streams, you’ll need to get Exalted with the Anglers. I tried to read the guide on WowHead, and got more confused the more I read. It’s a cute, but pretty much useless treatise on the glory of fishing rather than a guide about what to do to get the mount.

Well it’s not that hard to get started from zero in fishing to making progress toward the mount. The guide makes it sound like you need to go back to the starting areas and level your fishing, but you don’t. I started from Fishing = 1 next to Nat and with the basic rod. You don’t need to level your fishing first.

Gone are the days that gathering refuses if you are not high enough level. You catch something every time. Your rate may not be the highest at first. You may just catch gold fish, but those level up your fishing too, and pretty soon you catch the fish from the school type or “Sealed Crates” which are even better.

Remember you don’t need a high fishing skill to buy the mount, you need Exalted with the Anglers. Those are different. Rep with the Anglers is gained from two things: Daily quests given by folks on the island with Nat Pagle. These quests don’t actually require fishing at all. And finding rare fish as you fish in Pandaria. These rare fish start daily quests that you hand into Nat. But if you just fish schools in Krasarang Wilds, you’ll find them or at least some of them.


The guide may have ways to accelerate this process, but you can get started fishing and you’ll find these quests as you finish the other quests in this zone. These quests are dailies too, so you can only turn each one in once per day.

Some Fishing Holes in this Zone

After a couple of hours I’m on my way toward the mount.


So don’t get confused or intimidated by the guide. Just do the dailies and go fishing.


So that’s 42K points total for Exalted. And at about 2000 points per day, that’s about 21 days of a couple hours per day.

So I’m going to leave my Goblin Hunter here in the area and check in with him once a day for some fishing. I’ll spend time doing other things, but now that I have Draenor Pathfinder, this is the only “grind” I’m doing at the moment.