Wow – 110 Hurray, but Still No Fun

Wow_2017_09_11_06_58_09_533x.jpgWhoopee.. Reached 110. I ground some dungeons, completed a quest I had hanging around and voila. 110. It took about a dozen dungeons, which is a lot really, to get from 108 to 110. And it’s a long wait for a Legion Dungeon – 25 or 30 minutes on average. At lower levels wait times are more like 10-15 minutes. I remember back in the 40’s when I could get two levels from a single dungeon and back in the 60’s when I would get at least a level from running Hellfire Citadel. Oh well. But I had an Azsuna quest sitting in my quest log for one of the Titan Relics and the last dungeon was apparently the Eye of Azshara. Here are some pictures from that last fight.

So far so good. But something strange happened.

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