Wow – Draenor Pathfinder

Death Knight ready for Draenor

After leveling in Pandaria, you’ll want to go to Draenor. If, like me, you have a pretty much full set of Heirlooms, level to 91 before you go so you’ll take advantage of your heirlooms. When switching campaigns, they need one more level to catch up. But with the XP boost they give, putting on a level or 2 is easy. I only did about 1/2 of Pandaria and it was mostly to get the gear styles for transmog.  So I took a Death Knight at 91 to Draenor, and he did fine in terms of survivability. But, it’s a drag to not fly.



I built my Garrison and using the Wow-Pro guides was able to finish Shadowmoon Valley. But then Legion went on sale and I went for it.

Draenor Pathfinder

Well, why not get flight? It’s called Draenor Pathfinder. Account wide flight in Draenor from the git-go for all your toons. But’s gonna be much easier to get it with a Demon Hunter, isn’t it. I had started a Demon Hunter and they are Over Powered Killing machines. I had one that I’m leveling in Azuna, but it seemed best to build a second one and leave right away for Draenor.

Demon Hunter

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