Wow – 110 Hurray, but Still No Fun

Wow_2017_09_11_06_58_09_533x.jpgWhoopee.. Reached 110. I ground some dungeons, completed a quest I had hanging around and voila. 110. It took about a dozen dungeons, which is a lot really, to get from 108 to 110. And it’s a long wait for a Legion Dungeon – 25 or 30 minutes on average. At lower levels wait times are more like 10-15 minutes. I remember back in the 40’s when I could get two levels from a single dungeon and back in the 60’s when I would get at least a level from running Hellfire Citadel. Oh well. But I had an Azsuna quest sitting in my quest log for one of the Titan Relics and the last dungeon was apparently the Eye of Azshara. Here are some pictures from that last fight.

So far so good. But something strange happened.

What? Huh?

So then something strange happened. Artifact things picked up from doing dungeons and treasure had been about 25 – 500 AP each. But now I got one from a treasure that was 7M Artifact Power.


Amazing. So it looks like they want me to finish off my artifact weapon now that I’m max level? So I went to the Cursed Forge and basically finished off my Artifact tree.  Or seemed to. And it seemed stuck with 400K points left and it said nothing when I clicked on it. All the buttons on the panel were stuck. No helpful message.

It turns out that the next click required more than 400K points. Sigh.

Notice how these game designers are just in love with exponentials? Everything has to grow at some ridiculous rate as if that’s gonna charge up my dopamine levels or something. Yeah! Gotta have that AP fix!!. Just shove it right in the vein here. Sigh.

Of course, now when I hunt for treasure the same items as before from the chests don’t give 25 AP, they give 5.2M AP. So it’s all just a clever accounting trick. Require more AP and then give it to  you with each treasure item.


Seriously. Just an hour ago that “Crude Statuette” was worth 25 AP. Now it’s 5.2M AP. Sigh.

But the Game is No More Fun to Play

Even with a seriously upgraded Artifact Weapon, I’m still a weakling. Went off to Val’Sharha to continue some quests and hunt more treasure to stuff more AP into my weapon and got trashed pretty soon by some trash mobs on my way to an Elite.

Yep. Still no fun. Of course, this zone Auto Leveled to my 110.

I’m not sure how to make this fun. Am I supposed to grind some Looking for Raids to upgrade my gear? Probably my Heirlooms have topped out now at 800 ilvl the last time I looked. Oh. Right. iLvl 800 is not enough for some silly trash mobs in this beginner zone of Legion? Sigh.

Are these trash mobs auto-leveling up based on my iLvl? So if I go grind for 930 gear or something will they just trash me anyway? Is that a fun game?

Well, good news. Draenor does not auto level. So when I go visit the Elite Kittens in Fangri’la I can easily trash them – 2 at a time. Hurray. Now I can fearlessly and efficiently grind rep in Tanaan for Draenor Pathfinder. Maybe someday I’ll go back to the Broken Isles or try LF Raid between bouts of Draenor Rep Farming. But Legion is not fun.

Just like Pandaria back in 2012 when it first came out. The most recent campaign is not fun to play. Maybe someday it will be. After the next campaign comes out maybe the Broken Isles will be a fun place to play.