Move Server to Smaller Case

HAF X Case is Too Large

After about 5 years, it is time to move the rather small server machine out of the Yuge Cooler Master HAF X into a much smaller Corsair Carbide Series 100 R case. The ASUS Sabre 58 Motherboard is a full size ATX so that limited the case choices somewhat. The new case is in the center.

Also I wanted to try a nice Corsair H81 GT Cooler to see if it would fit in the Alienware Area 51 case that I’m rebuilding. So.

Previous Alienware Cooler

It looks like the Corsair H81 Cooler works fine in the Area 51 Case:

H81 Cooler Fits in Area 51 Case

Now back to the HAF X downsize.

HAF X case ready to strip

So here the current case ready to strip the parts out.

Custom Water Cooler

The system was built by Cyberpower with a custom water cooler. This is early days in my learning experience. I would not buy custom water cooling again. The hoses are full of gunk after 5 years. Still works fine, but not sightly.

The system has downsized significantly. Now there is only a system SSD and one HD.

Keep track of connections

Here are all the components that are being moved:


Motherboard, SSD, HD, Graphics Card and DVD burner. And I’ll move the power supply.

Semi-Modular Power Supply

The supply is semi-modular. And I’ll only need one additional cable for drives. There is a fixed chain of old Molex drive power cables that it would be nice to remove. Also the webbing on the cables makes it hard to bend them. I’m in favor of the new ribbon style cables that are black, but much easier to route.

New case ready for Cooler

So now the case is ready to add the H81 cooler. Here’s the new case ready to boot:

Ready to Boot

And it booted the first time:

Booted back into Windows 10
Corsair Cooler Lighting

All done. Much nicer. Now to get onto Craigslist and sell that HAF X if possible.