Alienstorm Skylake Refit Complete

Hardware and Windows 10 Complete

The refit of the Alienware Area 51 – 7500 from 2007 to a Skylake Processor and Windows 10 is complete. The system died trying to do the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and while I spent two days frantically trying to bring it back to life with Linux Mint 18, I finally declared it End of Life and ordered the replacement parts. Here is the original configuration.

The new system has:

  • Core i7 6700K Skylake Processor
  • ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger Motherboard
  • 32GB G.Skill DDR4 3400 memory
  • Samsung 850 EVO SSD – 500GB
  • Western Digital 1TB HD – Temporary. Once system is installed, the two HD from my current main system will be swapped in. These are a 2TB data and 4TB video capture disk.
  • LG OEM BluRay burner
  • Corsair H75 Water Cooler

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