GTX 1060 – OMG It’s Cool

Big Lights

Just got my GTX 1060 Founder’s Edition. BTW, I couldn’t buy it using FireFox. Oddly the Buy Now buttons were dead on the site with Firefox. Finally I bought it using Windows 10 Edge.

The card comes packed like a fine watch. Here is the packaging.

Enjoy yours too,


GTX 1060 – Time for a New Graphics Card

GTX 1060 Founder’s

Time for a new graphics card.

Now that I have a new 2K Monitor, it’s time to upgrade my 3gen old graphics card to the newest one out there.

My new ASUS PB258Q 25″ 2560×1440 monitor doesn’t run all the time at 60hz on my current GTX 760 graphics card. So after 3 generations it’s time to upgrade to the brand spanking new GTX 1060 Founders edition.

In the past I have gotten ASUS graphics cards and they have always looked very nice. But the non-founders edition cards, while $50 cheaper, are all pretty dorky looking.

Dorky Non-Founder 1060s

There was a glitch though while I was trying to order the Founder’s card from Nvidia, which is the only place you will ever be able to get the Founder’s Editions. The Firefox browser did not work. The Buy Now buttons were all dead.

I eventually fired up the EDGE browser on my Windows 10 system and that worked just fine. For several days I thought it was Nvidia’s problem, either the site was broken or they were out of stock. But they are in stock, as of 25 July, and all is well. It’s on it’s way with free shipping.


Wow Legion Prepatch is Up

Legion Prepatch is Live

The prepatch is out and we can expect Legion to go live in August. At this point I’m playing starter with my other account on hold. Some day I may go back to it and continue with the dozen or so characters I have at level 85 and above.

While the actual Legion patch is not up, there are many class changes. Those are all covered elsewhere, so I’ll just summarize some of my first impressions here. One of the notable things about Legion is the addition of Hunter as a class for Gnome. When you start a Gnome hunter, you get a mechanical rabbit. Who can pass that up?

Gnome Hunter with Mechanical Rabbit


Here is my Gnome Hunter outside the inn in Kharanos. Notice all the motorcycles.

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Tera – 20 > 60 Dungeons Only

Tera_2016_07_02_08_51_49_398zz.pngCan you level a character from 20 > 65 using dungeons only? And is that better or easier than using Story quests?

Since a recent update, story quests were given much more XP, and zone quests XP rewards were dramatically reduced. As of that update, it was easily possible to level a character from 1 > 65 using only Story quests. I’ve done that many times with all except Sorcerer and Archer.

More recently I found that it is easier to level any class from 60 > 65 using almost only dungeons. In this pattern, the story quest chain is stopped after doing the quests in Highwatch.

I just completed leveling a Mystic character from 22 to 60 using only dungeons. Starting with Bastion of Lok at level 20, and completing in the Ebon Tower reaching level 60 after two runs. You can find a list of all the dungeons here.

There are a few Caveats with this method of leveling.

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