Tera – Level 65 Slaying Crystal Test

Testing Crystals

After the previous test, it occurred to me that there were some additional tests that should be done.

  • Testing at level 65 rather than just at level 47. The discussion where Slaying crystals were mentioned was discussing high level dungeons.
  • Testing the obvious combination of One Slaying Crystal and Three Pounding Crystals.
  • Testing no crystals at all.

These tests have been done. But the results have not been that surprising. They show that:

  • One Slaying vs Four Pounding showed a little more than 9% improvement.
  • One Slaying and Three Pounding vs Four Pounding showed about 22% improvement.

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Tera – Slayer Crystal Test

Testing Crystals

I recently became aware of a method of fighting in dungeons that seemed quite surprising. Apparently some folks equip Slayer crystals in dungeons in an effort to up their Crit stat. These crystals only increase crit however, when your HP is below 50%. This causes some very strange behavior :

  • Healers are discouraged from healing players since they over heal – above 50%.
  • HP Pots are using during combat to manage HP to the correct level so that the Slayer crystals have their effect.
  • This causes an Economy in Pots apparently, where some folks make Gold based on the creation and sale of Pots.

I decided to do a test to see if Slayer Crystals had more benefit than the obvious other choice of Pounding Crystals which have recently been added to the game. I’ve done this test and recorded the video. The video and a PDF file of the data analysis spreadsheet are available for your review.

Bottom Line: Slayer Crystals, under the conditions of this test, appear to be about 20% better than Pounding Crystals. But the difficulty of keeping your health below 50%, and the issue of not being able to use healers, would seem to outweigh this advantage.

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Tera – Time for Class Hauls?


Time for Some Tera Class Hauls

No, not Class Halls, but Class Overhauls. One of the things that impresses me about World of Warcraft is that they are willing to periodically change major aspects of their classes and supporting mechanisms as changing game requirements demand. Not only have they changed Talent trees multiple times, but Glyphs, and even Class Skill Trees have changed dramatically over past releases.

I think that it’s time for Tera to consider some major overhauls to the class skill trees and this document tries to lay out some ideas for those changes and rationale for them.

Let me say first of all that I’ve been playing Tera for over two years and that I’m a severe Altoholic. I’m not even going to say how many toons I have at this point, but suffice it to say that I’ve played all the classes in PvE and also done Corsairs with all the classes. I was around before the Avatar Weapon change and the changes that made enchantment easy with the introduction of Feedstock. Also I’ve done the PvE Story content for Fate of Arun and done a dungeon there. I’m not a dungeon raider expert, but I’ve done plenty of dungeons at all levels. So I think I have the experience to know what I’m talking about to suggest these changes.

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WildStar – Fun, Engaging, and Free to Play

Warrior with Attitude
Warrior with Attitude

WildStar has been out for some time, but in September, they changed to Free to Play. While they talk about being able to experience all the content, they have a long list of caveats on their Free to Play page. This is an interesting contrast with Tera, which is Free to Play with a Premium option which basically gives you an XP and Gold boost and a fancy mount. Tera’s list of caveats are the feature list for Premium which costs $15 / mo rather than a list of Don’t-Gets for the WildStar free-2-play choice. Anyway, with all that aside, I gave it a try and bottom line – I’m impressed. This is not a complete review, I’m sure you can find a ton of those out there, and since it’s F2P, you can try it yourself and see. I’ll do quick comparison with some observations compared with Wow, Tera and some other games I’ve played recently.

So what does WildStar have going for it? Yes, it’s a Wow Clone. No bones about it. Two factions vying for dominance on the ancient planet of Nexus and the technology of the Eldans who have disappeared. Well, its a start. But recall that Wow has had since 2004 to build their brand.

Not that Big Really

The first thing one notices about WildStar is the small size of the download – 12 GB. What! Only 12 GB?? Wow is 40GB and Tera is more than 30 GB. And you’d be right. WildStar is just starting out as a franchise and the size of the download shows it. The environments feel a little cramped and a little same ole same ole as you move around. But not claustrophobic, just not wide open like Wow or Tera. But the character models are detailed. So they are not going to have to backfill with new character models later like Wow has had to do. Update: Actually, the environments from level 6 or so on feel very spacious. There are long vistas and while the mountains and foliage is stylized, nothing feels cramped in those areas.

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Wow Legion Expansion Details


So, Blizzcon 2015 is underway and I tripped across the Youtube videos yesterday.  See below. They had lots of coverage of the coming Wow Expansion Legions.

Pretty exciting. And they have even leaked the release date of “before” 21 Sept 2016.

There are some other things that you may not have caught up on if, like me, you have been away from Wow for some time.  Here’s a catch-up guide in case you’ve been away:

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Someone Please Sit the EU Court Down for a Class in Internet

SlashDot Article
SlashDot Article

Would someone please set the EU down and give them a quick course in how the internet works? In spite of the fact that the internet, or at least the browser, was invented in Europe – At Cern right, by Tim Berners Lee? – the EU just does not get it.

So they think that they can make it a copyright violation to create links among pages without prior permission? Is this a backhanded way to continue the “protectionism” of the media industry in Europe? They have been fighting with Google for a couple of years now about Google News providing links to the media [read news papers] sites. So this sounds like a back handed way to prop up that nonsense.

Here’s the original article, again I’m violating copyright – in the minds of the EU court by doing this.

When will the EU courts get off their high horse long enough to understand the technology and listen to a wider audience ? We all know that when Google stopped linking to the new media sites, their traffic dropped by 40 %, so then they tried to say that Google Must link to their sites, and Must Pay for the privilege. Sounds to me like these media companies are in trouble, don’t want to work for an honest living and so cry to the EU court to have the internet companies are are making it in the new world subsidize the continued existence.

What nonsense. Just my humble opinion. – ww

Smart Remote Control for Sony Cameras

Sony Nex-6
Sony Nex-6

I’ve had my Sony Nex-6 camera for a while now. I got mine in 2014, but the camera has been out since 2012 and it’s probably been superseded by other models. I noticed on one of the news sites I scan that the Smart Remote App for Sony cameras has been updated, so I thought I should try to get it running. To review, this app allows almost full control over the camera from a tablet or smart phone using an application over WiFi. The android app is here.

I should have kept my camera firmware up to date so I had some glitches getting the camera updated to V 1.03 so that I could run the Smart Remote Control. If you have an older Sony Alpha camera, you might want to follow along to avoid running into issues.

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