Tera – Slayer Crystal Test

Testing Crystals

I recently became aware of a method of fighting in dungeons that seemed quite surprising. Apparently some folks equip Slayer crystals in dungeons in an effort to up their Crit stat. These crystals only increase crit however, when your HP is below 50%. This causes some very strange behavior :

  • Healers are discouraged from healing players since they over heal – above 50%.
  • HP Pots are using during combat to manage HP to the correct level so that the Slayer crystals have their effect.
  • This causes an Economy in Pots apparently, where some folks make Gold based on the creation and sale of Pots.

I decided to do a test to see if Slayer Crystals had more benefit than the obvious other choice of Pounding Crystals which have recently been added to the game. I’ve done this test and recorded the video. The video and a PDF file of the data analysis spreadsheet are available for your review.

Bottom Line: Slayer Crystals, under the conditions of this test, appear to be about 20% better than Pounding Crystals. But the difficulty of keeping your health below 50%, and the issue of not being able to use healers, would seem to outweigh this advantage.

Testing Methodology

Test Subject

I needed a standard and repeatable test case. Dungeons did not seem like a good venue for a repeatable test. I chose the following test conditions:

  • Level 47 Slayer character in Frontera with level 44 mobs.
  • Equipment is standard and not changed except for the weapon Crystals. Weapon is the level 44 Avatar Weapon enchanted to plus 9.
  • Armor crystals are Fine Hardy Pentant.
  • Test Crystals will be: None, Fine Slaying (1), and Fine Pounding Pentant (4).
  • Video is recorded with the system chat tab open, and then the damage done for each mob is put into a spreadsheet, averaged and then the averages of the mob kills are compared.

This entire video is provided without editing so that the analysis can be repeated. The entire test took about 12 minutes. Two no-crystal kills, three Fine Pounding kills and four Fine Slaying kills were analyzed.

These are the crystals used in the test.

Here is the PDF file of the analysis of the test.

Tera Slayer Crystal Test 01

Here is the Youtube video of the test.

Personally, I’m not convinced that the Slayer crystals provide enough additional benefit that it is worth the additional trouble and risk to operate at 50% health during a dungeon. I recall however, when recently doing a dungeon – Saleron’s Sky Castle at level 56 – that the Lancer kept his health at 50%. I was surprised at the time that the Lancer did not appear to be worried about this level of health.

I have also been surprised that these crystals work at all in the presence of Avatar Weapons. The benefit of Avatar weapons is that they increase the crit level for mobs of about the same level as the user. I  had assumed that the Avatar weapon effect would swamp any effect of the Slayer Crystals, but the test shows that there is an additional 20% benefit of using the Slayer Crystals.

Your mileage and experience may vary. I encourage you to do your own test for cases that you care about. This test methodology is easy enough to employ for any test case.

: windy