Wow Legion Expansion – More Details

Wow Legion Expansion
Wow Legion Expansion

The BlizzConn 2015 Legion Game System Panel gave a lot more detail about the content of the Legion Expansion and the other game system changes that are occurring with the expansion.

See below for a link to the video as well as a summary of the information:

Legion Game Details

The panel discussed the following Legion Expansion Details:

  • Artifact Weapons – Acquisition, upgrading, looks, and customization.
  • Class / Order Halls – Design and features.
  • Demon Hunter – Acquisition and starting area overview.

Global Game Changes with Legion Expansion

As with every expansion, Wow is making a lot of global game changes that will change the game for everyone, whether or not they purchase the expansion. Personally, I have not played in a long while and purchased Pandaria, but not Warlords of Draenor. These changes seem important enough that I may go back to the game just for these changes and await WoD becoming free.

Class Changes

  • Death Knight Runes simplified.
  • Fury Warrior changes.
  • Arcane Mage changes.
  • Survival Hunter changes to Melee class.
  • Discipline Priest changes.
  • Subtlety Rogue changes.
  • Demonology Warlock changes to remove metamorphosis.
  • Guardian Druid changes to enhance tanking.
  • Shadow Priest to incorporate Insanity mechanic.

Major Rework of Talents

  • Professions Enhancements
  • More Content
  • Shared gathering nodes.
  • Recipe ranks.
  • Obliterium – huh?

Major Glyphs Removed

  • Changes to allow more minor glyphs.
  • Allow as many specs as you like.
  • Duplicate Personal loot can be traded.

Transmogrification Changes

  • Transmog becomes “Wardrobe”. Account wide list of all armor every seen or might have been seen in any previous quest. All un-chosen options are included.
  • Outfits can be built and swapped, and locked to a spec. Outfits can be traded – whether or not the receiver has all the items.
  • This sounds like a better version of Guild Wars 2 Wardrobe without the “Transmutation Charges” although the video does not include details. It seems unlikely that Transmute charges will be required since that does not make sense with Outfits.
  • Wardrobes include weapon enchant looks, shirts and tabards.



Here is the BlizzCon 2015 Game System Panel video.


Enjoy – ww