Tera – What Comes After 65?

An Explorer

So, the current level cap for Tera is 65. It used to be 60. What happened and what’s likely to happen next time and does that mean anything for how you might want to play this MMO or any other?

Let’s look at what happened:

When the “Fate of Arun” update happened, Blue Hole took a page from the Wow playbook. Briefly, this is what happened in the Pandaria expansion of Wow a few years ago: “A new threat has appeared on the horizon and we need to take a ship voyage to get there. The ship crashes and you begin a new journey on a distant land.” Sound familiar? In case you are new to Tera, this is exactly what you will see in Tera when you reach level 60 and then embark on the Sky Cruiser Endeavor.

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Mark Zukerberg benefits Mark Zukerberg

The Real Story About Mark’s Altruism

So Mark didn’t really donate 99% of his fortune to charity. Unlike Bill and Melinda Gates who formed a Non-Operating Private Foundation, Mark will make just another LLC to hide his money from taxes and do anything he wants with it including Lobbying, which is hardly charitable.

Good Going, Mark. Hide your money from taxes and shareholders. Very cool.