Tera – Level 65 Slaying Crystal Test

Testing Crystals

After the previous test, it occurred to me that there were some additional tests that should be done.

  • Testing at level 65 rather than just at level 47. The discussion where Slaying crystals were mentioned was discussing high level dungeons.
  • Testing the obvious combination of One Slaying Crystal and Three Pounding Crystals.
  • Testing no crystals at all.

These tests have been done. But the results have not been that surprising. They show that:

  • One Slaying vs Four Pounding showed a little more than 9% improvement.
  • One Slaying and Three Pounding vs Four Pounding showed about 22% improvement.

Testing Methodology

The testing methods were the same as before.

Test Subject

The test subject is a level 65 Slayer with Idoneal Gear. Details are in the video soon to be posted. The gear, except for the crystals, were held constant throughout the testing.


The test mobs are level 61 mobs outside of Highwatch. Level 60 BAMs were considered, but it was not possible to easily control the HP in the presence of the heavy hits by the BAMs. So this more predictable scenario was used.


Fine Pounding Niveots

Fine Pounding Niveots are most likely used by Dungeon players at level 65, however a set of 4 of these was more than I wanted to spend on this test. I opted for Fine Pounding Cruxes that I already had. The Fine Pounding Cruxes have a 7.8% advantage vs an 8.1% advantage for the Niveots.

The Slaying Niveot was about the same price as the Pounding Niveots, but only one is needed.

Fine Slaying Niveot
Fine Slaying Niveot



The raw data from the videos and results are here:

Google Drive Folder of Results

This folder contains the spreadsheets as google sheets and LibreOffice ODS files.

The results show the following:

  • One Slaying vs Four Pounding: 9% advantage to the Slaying.
  • One Slaying and Three Pounding vs Four Pounding: 22% advantage to the Slaying Combo.

My previous conclusion is confirmed for me. The advantage of the Slaying Crystal in this case is not worth the trouble for the damage. However, it occurs to me that the intent of the Slaying Crystal is a “Save Yourself” option so that if you are below 50% you will do more damage. The tradeoff of course is that you do less damage unless you manage your HP very closely.

I personally don’t think the extra trouble and risk while running below 50% HP is worth the additional damage.

Here is the video of the test.

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