MMOs – Why Enjoy Playing Alts?

Some Alts
Some Alts

I enjoy playing Alts in MMOs. I find that leveling the Alts through the same old content provides new challenges if the Alts are of different classes, but also that I can hone the use and efficiency of traversing content the next time through even if the same classes are used. However, recently, over the last several months, some things have happened in Tera that have now reminded me how useful playing the same content over and over can be. One learns to do it better and better. Here is a short chronicle of my experiences in Tera since the Gunner and Fate of Arun expansion were released:

Fate of Arun

Tera at Enmasse released the Fate of Arun expansion in December 2014. This expansion provided a foothold on the as yet unoccupied content of Northern Arun and provided a path to level from 60 to 65. I did not rush into playing this expansion. I had some toons at nearly level 60, but didn’t have any that were ready to take on the new content.

I was struggling in Elenea with toons at level 58 or so that seemed to be under-powered and were not advancing beyond what looked like a strength valley in their ability to level up.

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Linux Video Tools

Openshot Video Editor
Openshot Video Editor

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to describe what I have found out recently about capturing, editing and burning DVDs of videos using Linux. I have been editing video and burning DVDs for years on Windows. I started long ago when the tools were barely functional and finding a set of tools that understood a common set of file formats was quite a challenge. The situation on Windows has matured over the years and currently you can purchase for a very small price a set of tools that will allow you to capture, edit and burn both DVDs and BluRay disks with remarkable ease.

The situation on Linux Mint is almost that good. Currently I cannot find software that allows editing and burning the BluRay disk media with titles and menus, but one certainly can edit the videos themselves. Read on for the full story.

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