Wow – Industrial Crafting – Frostweave Bags

On the Square in Dalaran
On the Square in Dalaran

Here I am in Dalaran. Here is a larger view.

Now that I’ve reached level 350 in Enchanting, I thought I’d summarize how are are all going to work together to make 20 slot Frostweave Bags for everyone. This is a pretty big deal. Bags are very important to store our equipment and loot, and each of us needs as much storage as possible to store our junk. When we all started, our Tailor, Stormvein, leveled first and was able to make us 16 slot Netherweave bags. Netherweave bags are easy to make and Netherweave is quite plentiful for characters at level 60-70, so the first ones of us who leveled that far supplied Netherweave for the rest of us to have bags. For 10 of us, at 11 bags each, we need a total of 110 bags. Quite a lot.

Now that Stormvein is a more accomplished tailor, we would all like 20 slot Frostweave bags. But we all have to work together to make them.

World of Warcraft Storage

Here is a view of storage from the Addon called Bankitems. As you can see, the bank has 28 slots, and seven additional slots for bags that can be added when the slots are purchased. My bank add on slots are all filled with Netherweave bags. In addition, I carry around five bags, the lower line, each of which is a 16 slot bag, either from a faction reward, like the 16 slot Orgrimmar Satchel, or a Netherweave bag.

Storage for Each of Us
Our Bank and Bags
One Frostweave Bag

On a Mission to Make Bags

So now we are all on a mission to make bags. Over 100 bags.

There are several steps to making Frostweave bags:

  • Obtaining Frostweave cloth – this is farmed by killing creatures in Northrend and the best place is in Icecrown. Candravia our hunter sister, will take care of farming the Frostweave, and will mail that to Stormvein from the Argent Crusade camp in Icecrown.
  • Obtaining Infinite Dust to make Imbued Frostweave. The dust can be purchased in the Auction House, but folks often charge high prices. Now I can disenchant items to obtain it, and the best item to disenchant is a Horned Cobalt Helm.
  • The Cobalt Ore is mined from various places in Northrend. Our Paladin Adamithus will take care of the Mining.
  • Margrog, our accomplished blacksmith, will make the helms and mail them to me to disenchant, and I’ll mail the dust to Stormvein.
  • Stormvein will sew and distribute the bags. Candravia will need to send Stormvein money to buy Ethernium thread which is quite expensive, but her Frostweave farming will also net her quite a bit of gold.
Horned Cobalt Helm

A complicated process that requires that we all be at a high level and quite accomplished in our professions of Mining, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, and Enchanting.

Frostweave Bag
Netherweave Bag

Someday we might embark on making 26 slot Illusionary Bags, the largest in Wow, but that is a long way off.

Perhaps this will give you ideas about how you and your brothers and sisters can work together to accomplish important goals in Azeroth.

For the Horde!