Wow – Happy Feast of Winter Veil

Thalmatos with Ramkahen tabard
Thalmatos with Ramkahen tabard

Greetings from Azeroth and happy Feast of Winter Veil, which is our winter holiday celebrations. Many things have happened to me and my siblings since the last time I wrote you. As the elder Death Knight brother, I often break ground in new areas ahead of other members of our family. Several of us have progressed to level 85, or are almost at that level. It has been a long hard struggle against challenging foes, but we have helped each other with equipment, crafted materials and funds. One of us has even visited the new continent of Pandaria, although she finds it very challenging, but more on that from Candravia later in our note.

There have been minor accomplishments too, such as Thalmatos and Candravia helping some of the others with farming for materials to increase their First Aid crafting skills. At higher levels, first aid can be a real benefit for many classes since it allows quick recovery from battle damage.

Currently I’m working in the desert of Uldum helping the cause of the Ramkahen. Not only do they have nice gear as rewards for my efforts, but they sell a camel mount which I will get when I reach Exalted with their faction.

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