Tera – Free to Play and Fun to Play

Tera is an MMO that has recently gone Free to Play.


Castani Berzerker
Castani Berzerker

In many ways Tera is World of Warcraft done right. Or at least, updated to take advantage of new graphics. Due to it’s long history, Wow is beginning to look dated and cartoonish. Tera looks much better, and I don’t just mean the sexy characters and armor. Yes, this is my sexy plate armor. I’m a level 15 Berzerker – Axe wielding damage dealer. It is surprising that the armor begins to look so good at a low level. Wow makes you wait until level 70 before the armor begins to look unified and reasonable, but Tera armor looks good from the start and for all the classes begins to look really good at level 11, when you fly off to Velika – the capital city to join the Federation, and get your mount. From the start of our journey, the compass, mini-map and quest lines lead you on your missions and never leave you stuck for the next task. No need for an add-on or guide to lead you on your way.

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