Wow – So you want to be an Enchanter?

Learning Enchanting in Dalaran
Learning Enchanting in Dalaran

So you want to be an Enchanter?

Enchanters place magical properties on armor and weapons to enhance them. But learning the skill is unlike any of the other professions in Wow. Other professions fall into two categories: Gathering, Creating. Gathering professions are like skinning, mining or herb gathering in that you progress through the world doing your skill and as you do, you achieve more proficiency at that skill – you level up your profession.

Creating professions like Leatherworking, or Tailoring or Blacksmithing use the products of gathering professions and then make things. As you progress in skill you make more complicated things using higher level materials. Creation professions each come with their own Gathering profession, except for Tailoring, since the cloth is just dropped by creatures killed in the world.

But Enchanting is different in several ways, some of them frustrating.

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