Wow – Zen Masters in Professions

Hemomage closeup
Hemomage closeup

We have all become Zen Masters – 500 – in our professions now. And we have all worked together to make some high level cloth and mail armor. Cloth armor is the most important since those of us who wear cloth depend on it to keep us safe from attacks. When we go to Pandaria soon, this will be very important for our safety.

Margrog, our Zen Master blacksmith, has made powerful plate armor and weapons for himself and Adamithus, our paladin brother.

Cloth and Mail armor was time consuming to build since it requires some exotic materials. Stormvein had to train in tailoring to level 525, and the patterns cost 10 Embersilk cloth bolts each. Each bolt is 5 Embersilk cloth. To there are many hours of farming in Deepholm to get the cloth to purchase the patterns and make the armor for two of us. Stormvein has the most powerful demon helper, so he will be the last to get his armor.

Candravia had to train to high levels and we provided her with Savage Leather and Blackened Dragonscale for mail armor for Kweezlix. She already has powerful armor from her quests in Pandaria. Continue reading “Wow – Zen Masters in Professions”