Wow – Zen Masters in Professions

Hemomage closeup
Hemomage closeup

We have all become Zen Masters – 500 – in our professions now. And we have all worked together to make some high level cloth and mail armor. Cloth armor is the most important since those of us who wear cloth depend on it to keep us safe from attacks. When we go to Pandaria soon, this will be very important for our safety.

Margrog, our Zen Master blacksmith, has made powerful plate armor and weapons for himself and Adamithus, our paladin brother.

Cloth and Mail armor was time consuming to build since it requires some exotic materials. Stormvein had to train in tailoring to level 525, and the patterns cost 10 Embersilk cloth bolts each. Each bolt is 5 Embersilk cloth. To there are many hours of farming in Deepholm to get the cloth to purchase the patterns and make the armor for two of us. Stormvein has the most powerful demon helper, so he will be the last to get his armor.

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Wow – Industrial Crafting – Frostweave Bags

On the Square in Dalaran
On the Square in Dalaran

Here I am in Dalaran. Here is a larger view.

Now that I’ve reached level 350 in Enchanting, I thought I’d summarize how are are all going to work together to make 20 slot Frostweave Bags for everyone. This is a pretty big deal. Bags are very important to store our equipment and loot, and each of us needs as much storage as possible to store our junk. When we all started, our Tailor, Stormvein, leveled first and was able to make us 16 slot Netherweave bags. Netherweave bags are easy to make and Netherweave is quite plentiful for characters at level 60-70, so the first ones of us who leveled that far supplied Netherweave for the rest of us to have bags. For 10 of us, at 11 bags each, we need a total of 110 bags. Quite a lot.

Now that Stormvein is a more accomplished tailor, we would all like 20 slot Frostweave bags. But we all have to work together to make them.

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Wow – So you want to be an Enchanter?

Learning Enchanting in Dalaran
Learning Enchanting in Dalaran

So you want to be an Enchanter?

Enchanters place magical properties on armor and weapons to enhance them. But learning the skill is unlike any of the other professions in Wow. Other professions fall into two categories: Gathering, Creating. Gathering professions are like skinning, mining or herb gathering in that you progress through the world doing your skill and as you do, you achieve more proficiency at that skill – you level up your profession.

Creating professions like Leatherworking, or Tailoring or Blacksmithing use the products of gathering professions and then make things. As you progress in skill you make more complicated things using higher level materials. Creation professions each come with their own Gathering profession, except for Tailoring, since the cloth is just dropped by creatures killed in the world.

But Enchanting is different in several ways, some of them frustrating.

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