2Moons – Lobster Hunting

Hello, from Requies Coast. We brothers and sisters are all at level 30 or above now and are hunting monsters in Requies Coast. We expect to be here working until about level 50. At this point we are hunting lobsters called Sylvans.

These lobsters are plentiful and relatively easy to kill once we are at level 30 or so. Some of us have starting hunting here before the others. Windy Flayer and Vengeful Breeze were first to hunt lobsters. I was able to start as soon as I reach level 30. At that point I was able to kill them quickly using my Flame Burst skill.

After a kill like this, lunch is served, and these lobsters are mighty tastey as you might imagine.

I do not yet have an area destruction skill and it will be some time yet before I get such a skill. But I am able to make progress in my training.

– Windy Squall

Hello from Requies Coast. I’m Soul Aura and I’m hunting lobsters too. As you can see my new Level 30 weapon and my Blood Hit skill can kill lobsters pretty quickly.

Each hit of the blood whip gives me more than 500 damage, often as much as 600.

Using the Blood Hit skill I can get many powerful hits in a row to quickly dispatch a single lobster.

Using this skill, it only takes only a few seconds to dispatch a lobster. At this point I do not yet have an area damage skill, but I’m able to make good progress here in Requies Coast killing lobsters.

– Soul Aura

Hello. I too am hunting in Requies Coast now. Since my skills do not allow me to direct power quickly on a single target. My skills since level 24 have been directing on multiple targets close by.  I have been concentrating in Denebe killing mantis and miners. My brothers and sisters were long since able to move on to Requies Coast to hunt Heilom and Sylvan Lobsters. I played the mantis and miners to my strengths using the Fire Blaze skill and Lightning Chase skill. The mantis will chase you and surround you, up to three of them at a time. By running around and collecting them and then triggering a Fire Blaze and maybe followed by a Lightning Chase I could kill all three quickly. This required that I constantly boost my health and mana energy power. The Miners do not chase you, but provide more exp points per kill. So I ran around and hit them with my wand or sent a fire ball to hit them to draw them to me to kill them with Fire Blaze.

When I reached level 34 I was able to move to Requies and killed Heiloms using the same strategy as I used with Miners. Now that I’m at level 36 I can skill three Heiloms or two Sylvan lobsters using this technique.

I now have powerful skills for lightning, fire and ice to help in my training. Here is Fire Blaze on some Heiloms.

Here is Fire Fury on a Lobster.

Here is Lightning Chase

So I have a clear training path to high levels.

– Sandy Dunewinds