2Moons – Level 30 for All of Us

Hello from 2Moons. We have all made good progress since we last spoke. We brothers and sisters are all above level 30 now, although it has been a trial for some to get there. Most of us are beginning to get our wide area damage skills now, but Soul Aura, as a Segnale, and Windy Squall as a Bagi Warrior do not have these skills until much later in their training. So they are struggling.

As an Incar Magician, I got my first area damage skill and a very powerful lighting skill recently, and let me tell you, it is a real help in gaining a higher level. Here are some pictures of the skills in use and you can see what a benefit they are:

This is Lightning Chase and you can see it does serious damage to a single foe in the path of the lightning strike.

This is Fire Blaze and this is the first of my skills that does damage to more than one foe at a time.

I have used it effectively by rounding up a number of foes at the same time and then triggering the fire as they are standing close to me attacking. Every two or three times I need to use a health boost, but it is worth it for the increased experience points I get from killing all those foes. Lizardmen Knights and Mantis are favorites for this method since a few of them will attack me at the same time if I run past them. I can collect two Lizardmen Knights and as many as six or eight Mantis before triggering the Fire Blaze.

As you can see in this picture, some folks spend real money to get mounts to ride in the game.

There are several mounts available for purchase and you can purchase them for a limited time, or for more money you can purchase them permanently. I think I’ll continue to walk for quite sometime.

In other news, I saw a summoner using his demon to help him gain experience while he just stood around.

This only works with a Summoner. In this case the fellow has just found a placed where mantis spawn every few seconds. When they spawn, they notice him and his demon and attack. The demon kills them and he gets the experience points. This works fine as long as your armor is strong enough to avoid any damage from the Mantis, and your demon does not die. You’ll see Vengeful’s new demons in his part of this letter. His demons are very strong. I’m not sure if he is going to be doing this or not. We shall see.

Well that’s all for now.

– Sandy

Hi. This is Soul Aura. Whew.. I finally made it to Level 30 and it was quite a struggle. No area damage skills for me for quite a while. I have some more powerful whip skills and as you can see from the glow a very powerful whip. But my skills only allow me to kill one foe at a time so far. That makes it more difficult to gain experience since I need to deal with each one separately. But I’m making progress as you can see. I have my new weapon and armor now that I’m at level 30.

Here is one of my more Powell skills in action – Blood Whip. This skill performs a rapid lashing of the whip several times across one foe to cut it to shreds.

As you can see, the Blood Whip does quite a bit of damage compared with the normal whip.

So the good news is that I can now attack powerful foes and dispatch them rapidly. The not so good news is that I still need to attack foes one at a time. Oh well, my time will come. My weapons and armor are the best, so I am ready for the challenge.

– Soul

Hello. Lady Stormwind here with my new level 30 cross bow and a wonder it is too. I have not yet fortified it, but Windy Flayer found this one with slots already forged into it and my brothers have the stones, so it won’t be long before it glows. I have a very strong bow that glows very brightly and kills very efficiently. I’ve been using that bow since level 24 and it still serves well. And I now have a new glowing dagger too.

With the rolling attack with the dagger I can take out several nearby foes all at once with multiple dagger attacks. Like Sandy, I can attract several Lizardmen Knights or Mantis to me and then send them all to the netherworld in a very short time. And like Sandy, this requires that I use a health pot every so often to stay healthy. But it means that I can train faster.

At this point my bow and cross bow are so powerful that I can take on strong foes from a distance with only 2 or 3 arrows, so the dagger, while important, may not be my best training strategy.

My new Tempest armor is bright and shiny don’t you think? It is much more feminine than the previous Fairy armor and the Tempest armor gives me much better protection. I continue to wear the fortified helmet that I have been using because it is more powerful than the Tempest helmet.

That’s all for now. Keep your fletchings dry.

– Lady

Hi. This is Vengeful Breeze. I have now reached level 36. While I do not have any area attack skills like Sandy and Lady do, I have the Twin Swords – now in the Denebola style – which are very quick to kill. So I have been able to train very quickly. At level 36, I have now retired Grewpain, the demon parrot and have two new demons at my command. My favorite is Regulus the lightning Lion. He is quite powerful as you can see here.

Here Regulus has dispatched a Lizardmen Knight with a powerful blow sending the pieces of the knight flying in all directions. Do not attack me while I am in the company of Regulus.

I also have Aldebaran, a genie from the underworld, at my beck and call.

He is quite formitable too, but his attacks lack the raw power of Regulus. I will be working with both of these powerful demons as I train.

We haven’t heard from Windy Flayer for a while. I hear news that he has reached level 31 as well and I’m sure we will be hearing news from him soon.

– Vengeful