2Moons – Mail Interface Broken

In release 4.6.16 of 2Moons, the mail interface is broken. The Send and Cancel buttons no longer appear, so it is not possible to send mail. This occurs in Parca Temple, and in Braiken Castle. As far as I know all characters and all servers show this problem.

Folks keep saying that it works, but it does not work for any of my characters on any of the servers that I have tried.

If you look at the interface casually it appears ok, but if you actually try to send mail, you can’t.

The Mail Interface Previously Looked like this:

Notice the SEND and CANCEL buttons at the bottom of the left mail window.

Here is the new interface as of 4.6.16.

Notice that absence of the SEND and CANCEL buttons in the left window.

It would seem that the mail interface is being removed. And this version allows mail messages to be retrieved for the 29 or fewer days that mail messages are being held until they expire.

I never saw an announcment or rational for why mail is being removed.

If mail does not look this way for you, then take a screen shot and show me your interface.

– windy