Guild Wars 2 – Bloodstone Fen

From Zealot’s Overlook

Bloodstone Fen is a new map in Living World Season 3. I don’t want to spoil it, I just want to encourage you to start that story if you have had bad experiences with previous Heart of Thorns content. This is more fun, and a lot more exciting.  No one picture can do this place justice.

For the moment, we are taking a break from the Dragons, and from Gravity.


Half the zone is a huge crater filled with updrafts and ley lines for gliding. The other half is a jungle full of nasty White Mantle. Sound like fun?

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GW2 – Heart of Thorns Pets

GW2_2016_12_15_06_30_25_430xx.jpg My three Rangers all have their Heart of Thorns exclusive pets now. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. The descriptions talk about some of the pets only being available after some events in the game. Turns out that it’s not that hard once you are playing in that area to participate in the events and then you just basically walk up and get the pets.

There are four HoT exclusive pets:

You can easily look these up on the Wiki pages and see their descriptions and a short description of how to get them.

Don’t be intimidated by the instructions. The Bristleback is the easiest to get. In Auric Basin, run South from the Bristleback Chasm WP to the glade where you find a couple of Veteran Bristlebacks and some Juveniles. Run in and charm a pet and run out. Even if you die on the way out, you have your pet.

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GW2 – Creepy Chak Weapons


Got my first creepy Chak weapon. The pics do not do these things justice. The claws twitch and the eyes glow on all of them. It takes a day or two grinding in Tangled Depths to get each one. Make sure you do a couple of the meta events each day for the Chak eggs and the Ley crystals will show up with just grinding any events. I’m done with all of the LeyStone armor sets now from Dragon Stand events, so it’s time to move on, or back, for other things and these look the most creepy or interesting. I’ll start with LongBow, Staff, GreatSword and then fill in the others since they are less used by my alts. The Dailies keep asking for Mystic Forging so I almost have the whole set of Mystic Weapons. These are cool, but not creepy obviously. After fighting Chak all day you wanna carry ones head home on a stick and now you can.


You’ll need bouncy mushies, updrafts and pretty much the whole map to follow a train with a good commander to grind events. I had a good commander today who kept about 30 of us so busy I barely had time to salvage gear and repair armor. But it was worth it for this creepy longbow.


GW2 – Origins of Tyrian Races


My name is Malakai Laplante, and I am an anthropologist and evolutionary biologist. Here in Divinity’s Reach, I have finally completed over 15 years of research on the origins of the Tyrian Races and I would like to present my preliminary results.

Let me start by saying that my results do not intend to contradict any of the accepted histories laid down before me, but rather to fill in some gaps and origins of the races of Tyria. I have started my work based on the well known Timeline of Tyrian history, but expanded that information with biological data and some archeological findings of colleagues.

Let us start by reviewing what the analysis of the genomes of the races of Tyria tell us. The sciences of Biochemistry and Genomics have become quite advanced in recent years and while it takes long and painstaking work to study the genetic material, or to produce significant, although as still incomplete sequences of that material, we have made great strides.

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Guild Wars 2 – Heavy Leystone Armor

Monday’s not that great a day to do Mega Events. Or maybe it’s the new Living World Update: Crack in the Ice that just came out. I tried twice today to complete the Dragon Stand event and failed both times.  The first time we went round and round in the Blighting Tower, reset three times, and I gave up. There just weren’t enough people. And the second time I tried in the early afternoon, there were so few people that we couldn’t even get to the Blighting Tower portion of the event. But I farmed pods after the event failed, and then farmed again after the second failure. Got enough Crystallized Ore to get the boots for the Heavy armor. Sweet. They look best on a male with a blueish cast rather than the Pink I was using on the girls. Still need to get Medium and the Helms for the Collection Achievement.


Guild Wars 2 – Leystone Light Armor

Well that wasn’t as hard as I expected. One Meta-Event run this morning and I completed my Leystone Light Armor – except for the helm.

As it turns out, after the Meta Event, Noxious Pods show up in all the camps, and the Way Points are active, so you can port between them and collect more than 20 pods for about 40 Crystalline Ore. This morning in one run, I got a Leystone Boot Box and enough Ore to buy Gloves. So with what I got yesterday, I now have a complete set except for the helm.

Here are some shots of where the Noxious Pods are around the camp, for an example. They are not that hard to find if you hold the CTRL key down while you pan around.

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Guild Wars 2 – Leystone Armor Progress

I worked this morning and got another 20 Crystallized Ore, and the Leystone Leggings Box dropped during the event, so I now have a coat, pants and shoulders in light armor.

The armor is animated with wisps over the shoulders and gloves [don’t have those yet], and the chest is animated with some blue glowing patches. The glowing patch is much larger on the male armor. Very cool.

Here are pictures in the character list page which shows more detail, but due to the light background, you can’t see the wisps of energy.

I’m wearing Vigil boots and gloves on the girl, and exalted boots and dragon gauntlets on the boy until I complete the set. The colors are Midnight Blue and Enameled Anamnesis.

Just three more pieces of armor to go for this set of Light Armor.


Guild Wars 2 – Hunting Armor

Mistward Plate

My Revenant now has her Mistward Plate armor. And since she has completed her Hearld Elite Specialty, she has her unique Hearld Paldron as well. Now it’s time to see what other armor types to collect. While playing Living World Season 2, the merchants are selling Carapace Armor in the Silver Wastes. In Heart of Thorns in Dragon’s Stand, you find merchants selling Ley Line Armor. These each have their own challenges to collect.

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