Why Not Just Fly?

I’m working my way through Path of Fire to get the Griffon mount. It’s the first mount that looks like it’s flying, but it’s not.

The second “Flying Mount” introduced into GW2, Living World Season 4 is the Skyscale. This has enhanced flight mechanics, but still can’t really fly.

There must be some “religious objection” to flight. Ever since Gliders were introduced in Heart of Thorns, we could only “Glide” while all other popular games in the genre have True Flight. Well, not really…

Mounts in GW2

Mounts in GW2 are lovely, out of the box, or with a choice of dozens of skins of your choice. There is even a Hummingbird skin for your skimmer. And I can understand the “Lore” of having different mounts do different mechanics – Raptors have Canyon Jump, Springers – Rabbitroos- can jump really high, and Skimmers skim and Jackals leap through the nether and sand portals. Roller beetles.. well they “roller beetle”. And there might be a reason in GW2 to not add Flight Mechanics to all the mounts when you “unlock” flight. But never having true flight seems like an unnecessary complication. After all there are plenty of characters in the game that do fly, and we sometimes ride them. Dragon’s for instance. There are story cut scenes in the game where dragons truly fly with us riding them. So why can’t our dragon and griffon mounts fly. No clue. Arena Net just dragging their feet.

Flight in FFXIV

When FFXIV introduced flight, there were new mounts that could fly, and old ones were still stuck on the ground. In recent updates, all mounts, no matter how odd it looks, can fly. Yep, even this bad boy can fly now. I can’t say he looks graceful doing it, but he can fly. Really fly, not just glide. The above article is slightly out of date. Not only can all mounts fly now, but flight is possible in all the starter zones [level 1-50 zones] upon completion of the last A Realm Reborn Main Scenario quest line.

Wow and Tera have Flight

Of course you can truly fly in World of Warcraft too.

Oh. I almost forgot about Tera. Tera has flying mounts, but they have limited Stamina, which reduces them to actually more of a glider.

A shame about Tera closing down at Enmasse and going to GameForge. Oh well. When the developer doesn’t care any more and stops putting effort into a game, it dies. And at that point GameForge picks it up to suck the last out of it before shutting it off.

May you walk in the light of the Crystal.