Skyscale – “Flight” in GW2

The amount of work to get Skyscale to “Fly” in GW2 is punishing. For this amount of work, compared with the amount of work to get flying mounts in other games, this Skyscale mount should fly at the speed of sound and have a damage skill that could kill anything in the game in one shot.

But no. It doesn’t even really fly, as we mentioned before.

This is not a guide. There are better ones out there. I used a Youtube video to find all the Skyscales – Here’s the one I used. Most of them can be gotten if you have the Springer and you can borrow Skyscales from around the world once you unlock the Achievment. For two of the Scales, I had to get help to kill mobs that were nearby. Most of the scales were actually far from mobs, and I had no problem soloing them.

Finishing the last part of the story to unlock the achievement is very well written. Part of it is an arcade game where you’re riding Aurene to bring the Big “K” down. Quite a ride.

Pay Per Episode?

Apparently I’ll have to pay real money to unlock a couple of story chapters in Living World Season 4 so I can finish the achievement. Oh well. So $2.50 per episode. Apparently this unlocks the episode for the whole account. I don’t know. All this is pretty confusing. Irks me. But whatever. I do not mind buying Expansions, but this buying Story Episode by Episode, just because I didn’t happen to by playing on their schedule really irks me. Like I said.

I’m mostly irked by the fact that the Skyscale does not really fly. It will hover forever, but will not actually fly. It just glides and can’t ever go much higher than the launch point. If you land, you can “jump” up a little and continue from there. Confusing mechanics for no good reason. IMO, they should have made it really fly and then Mastery Points could make it fly faster. Sigh…

Oh well. I’m psyched for the upcoming Cantha Expansion. Cantha – “Factions” – was a very nice expansion in Guild Wars [1]. Loved it. I’m excited to see how they move it forward with GW2.