Shadowbringers Complete

After grinding crafting for three weeks or so, I took another approach to finish Shadowbringers. With Red Mage, finishing the Role quests, and then picking up “Weathered” ilvl 430 gear from Grenoldt in The Tempest. This gear is available for free for each role once you finish the Role Quests at level 80. The Red Mage final solo duty was not that hard to complete on the average ilvl 409 gear set at the time. The Duty Finder waits on the final two duties to complete Shadowbringers was about 20 minutes each on a DPS job, but the review before hand of the MTQCapture guides on youtube were quite a lot of help.

Red Mage in Eulmore

I’ll be leveling my White Mage job to 80, completing her Role quests and then grinding some Goetia Tomestones for gear. The Any purchases with Goetia stones is gated on completing Shadowbringers so now that’s out of the way.

The Ronkan Caster Gear from Goetia stones is awful looking. But I guess that’s what glamour is for. The healer gear is the same with a slightly different tan tone. I’ve not bothered to check out the other gear sets.

Ronkan Caster Gear.jpg
Ronkan Caster Gear

So between and after trips to the Roulette, it’s back to crafting.

May you walk in the Light of the Crystal.

All DoH / DoL Jobs 50+


All DoH / DoL jobs are 50 or above now. And I crafted a new set of DoH gear. But there did not seem to be a set of DoL gear to craft, so I bought a set in Ishgard. There are some crafting pieces, but each are job specific and I don’t want to fill the Armory. I’m buying Green Level 50 main hand tool from my Grand Company for seals and crafting the Off Hand tools. Most of the leveling has come from the Once a Day Grand Company Supply and Provisioning turn-ins, which have given plenty of seals for the Main Hand Tools. The Grand Company clothing pieces are all job specific which will fill up the Armory, so I’m sticking with Generic sets.

Here’s the DoL set I found in Ishgard.

FFXIV Archaeoskin Gathering Set.png

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Well Into the Roaring 40s


Lots of progress in DoH and DoL jobs in the past couple of days using Leves and Grand Company Supply and Provisioning turn-ins. Guildleves are throttled by the game quite severely. After starting with with 99, Leve Allowances, this is down to 27 now.  Apparently I get 3 every 12 hours or 6 per day, but that doesn’t take long to eat up.


But Grand Company Supply and Provisioning is handed out once each day at noon and that is a very nice way to make XP.

Guess I’ll be getting back to just moving through the Crafting Logs and doing items in order. That seems to give quite a bit of XP and it’s only throttled by the need to gather materials. The Job quests often require turn in of a High Quality item, which can be quite time consuming a wasteful to accomplish. I often just buy the HQ item on the market board but sometimes the prices are unreasonable – 40,000 gil for a single level 30 jacket. All I need is XP, I don’t really need to complete the job quests as far as I know. Not sure anything is gated on them. So back to the Crafting Logs for me.


Starlight This Year is No Fun

What isn’t much fun this year is the Starlight celebration quests. I’ve tried several times and just can’t get the hang of doing the Caroling quests. So I guess I wont be getting the Starlight Barding this year. But I have an outfit from past years.


Happy Starlight!

More Progress


More progress on the DoH / DoL front.

Several new methods turned up for gaining XP. Turning in Grand Company Delivery Missions gives an awesome amount of XP, but you have no control over what they want that day.


But I polished all these off pretty quickly and it jumped some of the jobs quite a bit.

Another helpful activity is Leves as I’ve suggested, but I found that outposts were not available to me for some reason, but after a little research, I found that there was a big list of activities back at Gridania for some of my jobs.

Carpentry and Leather working were today’s favorites with no work for the other jobs.

I finished up some of the easier Specialty Housing items and put them up for sale.

Some of these items require “Fine Wax” which is a drop from a chest in the Haukke Manor dungeon. I’m sure I could farm this solo, but I’m not sure the XP or the selling prices would be worth the trouble at this point.

Tomorrow I need to work on Goldsmith and Alchemy since they are a little behind the others.


Quarter of the Way

I’m grinding most of the professions and have made over 25% progress toward the Level Cap of 80.

FFXIV_2019_12_11_Jobs Done Analysis Private

So far, the Gil cost is about neutral. I’m mostly grinding using Miner and Botanist. But there are a few items that can only be obtained by Fishing, and those I’ve bought off the Market Place.

Also I’ve run across some examples of how Leve’s are scaled between Battle and Field/ Crafting jobs.

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Training DoH / DoL Jobs


As you can see I’m making progress training my Disciple of the Hand and Land jobs. It’s going pretty well. Sometimes I spend a little Gil on some items to avoid chasing around to mine or gather items, and sometimes I go out for a long Mining / Chopping session and then combine that with running around to fill in some of the Gathering logs. Mining and Botany were already open when I started, so they are a little ahead of the others. I tend to go to a capital city and then work there a while to level the jobs that are placed there. So Carpenter / Leatherworker in Gridania for a while, then off to Limsa for Blacksmith / Armorer. Tomorrow it will be Weaver / Alchemist turn in Ul’dah. I’m hoping I don’t find out later that Culinarian / Fishing is required for Facet armor.

Preparing to Craft

One of the big problems that took an  hour or so was to clean out my inventory, armory and retainers to prepare to craft. After saving quite a few gear pieces, and other nonsense encountered while leveling, it was quite a chore to clean up to free up space for leveling nine crafting jobs at the same time.

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Solo Job Quests are Out of Control

We have seen an increasing escalation of difficulty for Job Quest Instances. Of course, for Shadowbringers, there are just too many “Jobs” to have a train of Job Quests for each job, so the designers have given us “Role” quests.

Well, the instances for these are way over the top. I’m not interested in learning to RAID. I spent an evening watching the Eden’s Gate (Savage) Raid on Twitch. I’m no expert, but the whole fight was about a dozen failures, one after another, as one or another member messed some fiddly bit of mechanics by being off by a foot length and causing a wipe. And the whole fight was one Boss on a platform.

Borrrrrrrrrring. Image result for eyeroll emoji

I like the design of the MSQ dungeons. Near the end of Shadowbringers, Mt Gulg is a nice dungeon. and I’ve done it a few times with a Red Mage. It’s a little fiddly at the end, and the Boss animations can cover the Trust members that you need to follow to avoid the hits that are not well Telegraphed. But I’ve made it through several times.


But the Role Instances are a whole other thing.

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Squads and Trusts

Grand Company Adventurer Squadrons and the Shadowbringers Trust System share some common goals apparently, but each have their own advantages and drawbacks, as well as some common drawbacks. We’ve talked about Trusts here before. Since then I’ve had some more experience with them and have started to use Squadrons. Here are some observations:

Bottom Line:

Maybe Adventurer Squadrons are popular. Only Square Enix knows. Nobody can see your squad members. And nobody can participate with you and them in a dungeon to see how well they are trained. Nice Gear, Mounts, Minions, Glamour and Dye are popular features in all MMO games because they can be seen by other players. I’ll bet that Hidden features like Retainer Glamour, and Squads are not popular because they are completely hidden from others.

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Trusts Can Be Smarter

Ok, so we can play the Leveling Dungeons of Shadowbringers using an AI. But have you noticed?

  • The Trust Members don’t have MP bars? Shouldn’t they be playing with the same rules that we are using?
  • Have you noticed that Trusts seem to rez healers? I mean without Alisaie [a Red Mage with Heal and Rez] in the group. I noticed that Alphinaud [scholar] died and Alisaie was not in the group I chose, but all of a sudden he was back quick as the blink of an eye. Someone cheated. Another Trust Member had Rez that shouldn’t have.
  • Things happen too fast. We are not just doing this for their benefit, but we are playing for my benefit and if Trust AIs do things too quickly then I don’t get a chance to learn. For example on one run with me as GNB, playing Holminster, and fighting Tesleen we wiped. Ok, I don’t expect perfect runs with Trusts. But what happened? Did I not stack quick enough so we lost too many Trust members? I did not die, but all of a sudden, quicker than the eye could follow, we were back at the beginning. Please don’t do that. I didn’t get my learning opportunity.

But these minor issues overlook a larger issue. I think the restrictions show that the AI for Trusts have been programmed the wrong way. I don’t think they are using Deep Learning. Here’s why I think that and why I think they should.

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