Leveling Jobs 71 to 80

I’ve mentioned that I’m working on the Amaro mount, which requires all the War and Magic jobs to level 80. At this point I’ve been using MSQ Roulette and Deep Dungeons to get all the jobs to level 71. This level is required both to do Shadowbringer’s dungeons and the Bozjan Southern Front. I’ve tried several strategies to level my jobs beyond 71.

The Bozjan Southern Front

The Bozjan Southern Front unlock quests required a whole day to accomplish.

The Wikis for FFXIV are a little confusing about how to unlock the BSF, but the quest chain requires at least level 80 and starts in the Kugane Markets with an NPC who starts the Return in Invalice quest line. This quest line is long and will take you into three 8 man RAIDs, but don’t let this deter you. These are basically just long 8 Man dungeons and if you have decent gear on a level 80 character, you are good to go. This is a very interesting quest line and if you study Youtube walk-throughs for the Raids before you go, then they are quite interesting. I did them as a DPS job to avoid the pressure of Tank or Healer, but your mileage may vary in this regard. And after you get to the BSN, there are two things:

  • You can purchase nice purple level 80 Relic Weapons for tomes.
  • You can level up any character above level 71 toward level 80.

There are lots of folks doing this content. Unlike my previous experience trying Eureka – another similar area at a lower level. But the leveling is hit and miss and the content is brutal. I was able to get to resistance level 9. But I have given up using the BSN to level my characters.

A Better Leveling Strategy for 71 – 80

I’ve found a better strategy for leveling.

Use the Main Scenario Duty Roulette once per day on a tank or healer. I’m quite expert using these jobs for these dungeons since I’ve done them many dozens if not hundreds of times by now. As you can see from the above image, I got more than half a level at level 75 with a run of the MSQ Roulette. The lower numbers are before and the upper numbers are the result after the run of Praetorium. Note that I have the Endwalker Pre-Order Menphina Earring which give 30% XP bonus below level 80.

For DPS jobs, doing the level 71 to 79 Dungeons is very rewarding. The XP is quite good with each level only requiring three runs of the highest level dungeon available. I was able to level my Bard today from 78 to 80 in just one day. And a bonus is that you get great gear for leveling up other jobs as you do this. I collected Green gear for several levels above 71 to 80 by running these dungeons on just my Bard.

These dungeons are quite challenging. But if you watch the Youtube guides for the dungeons you won’t be surprised by the mechanics you see and things will go more smoothly. The good news is that you aren’t limited in any way by how many times you can run these dungeons. Unlike the Roulettes, the dungeons can be run as often as you like with the same high rewards. Yes, we wiped a few times. And I sometimes messed up and died. But everyone was friendly and helpful. The queue waits varied from 5 minutes to as much as 20 minutes, but if the queues get too long then you can find something else to do.

Why Not Use Trusts?

Trusts were introduced with Shadowbringers, and may I say that they have been, shall we say, less than was hoped for.

The Trusts are meant to accompany one on Dungeon runs but they have a few problems.

  • The Trusts only work on Shadowbringers dungeons.
  • They are smart enough to do the dungeons, but only slowly.
  • If you die, the whole party dies and resets to the beginning. The Trusts never Resurrect the player.
  • Trusts cannot be used with more than the single player who activates the Trust. So you can’t use Trusts to fill a party with missing roles.
  • You have to level the Trust members up to do the high level dungeons. While they are automatically leveled the first time through the MSQ, after reaching 80 with one job, the Trust members all reset to level 71 and must be leveled beyond that to run the succeeding dungeons. This will mean extra runs. While they level at the same rate as the player, there are more Trust members than are needed.

Suffice it to say, it is much faster and more reliable to run these dungeons with other players. And the wait times in the Duty Queue are quite reasonable – 5-20 minutes in my experience on both weekends and weekdays. Apparently most players are using the Duty Queue and not Trusts.

Pixie Beast Tribe Quests

One leveling guide I saw suggested the Pixie Beast Tribe Quests. This is an excellent way to level. Of course you can only do these three quests once per day, so I’m going to level my Tanks and Healers with these quests. I’ll have my Porxie Mount in no time. And of course the quests don’t run out when you reach Bloodsworn. As far as I know, you can just keep doing the quests for the same rewards, once per day.

Unfortunately, the other two Beast Tribes in Shadowbringer’s areas are crafting and gathering so they are no help for leveling War and Magic jobs.

Bard at Level 80

I have a lot of jobs to go for my Amaro, but now I have a strategy to finish the work.

May you walk in the Light of the Crystal.