FFXIV Endwalker Pre-Order

It’s time to order the Pre-Order for the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Expansion. The expansion is coming in November and whichever pre-order you purchase you can get some good items to help with leveling. As always, the process or ordering in the Square-Enix Store is confusing. Unlike other games, for some unknown reason, purchasing games and upgrades is very confusing.

For me, the important part of the Pre-Order is the Leveling Earring. Minions are nice, but not that important to me. This earring adds 30% XP for all content up to level 80 and is account wide. You’ll get this from the Delivery Moogle for all your characters.

How to Pre-Order

To Pre-Order, you should start at this page. Then choose the edition and platform and retailer. If you’re already a player, the best retailer is probably the Square Enix store, unless you are playing on Steam or on the Playstation. In that case, my understanding is that you need to purchase the Pre-Order on Steam or the Playstation store as well. This guide covers the confusing process of purchasing the Pre-Order for Windows PC.

Once at the store, you will see a page like this:

For a Windows PC purchase, you’ll need to click on the light gray box and log into your Final Fantasy account. The Store Account and the Final Fantasy account are separate for some reason that I don’t understand.

Purchase the Endwalker Pre-Order

Once at the store choose the edition you want to purchase. I chose the standard edition.

Now Enter The Code

After your purchase, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase.

In your email for your Final Fantasy account, the purchase should have sent you an email confirming your purchase. There is a link in this email that takes you to a page that contains a Registration Code.

Click the Red Box and copy/paste the code to a text file to save it. This will leave it on the clipboard for the next step.

Enter the Code into Your Account

Once you log into your Final Fantasy Account at the Mog Station, you see this familiar page:

Now click on the “Your Account” button at the left.

Now all the way at the bottom you’ll see this button and when you click it a Code Entry page will appear. Now you can click in the first field at the left and paste the code into the fields all at once.

Then complete the steps with the next button.

You should have the Endwalker Pre-Order available on your account and you should see it on your account page.

Note that Endwalker Early Access means that you’ve completed registering the Pre-Order with your account. Now you can visit the Delivery Moogle in any main city, or elsewhere and pick up your minion and earring on each of your characters. I did not have to wait at all to get mine. But sometimes there are waits apparently.

Why So Complicated?

I’m not clear why Square-Enix purchases are so much more complicated than other games. For example, in Guild Wars 2, you purchase games at the same site where you have your account. There is no confusion with two different sites and logging into the site twice. You just log in and buy stuff and then activate a code. Notice that these are the same site. And the Account buttons at the top take you from the store directly to your account to redeem the code.

And yes, ArenaNet has more than one game too. So it can be simpler. It just that Square-Enix has not considered that it should be and can be simpler and made it that way. The game works fine, but every time I have to purchase anything from Square-Enix for a game, it is complicated.

Just like having to have your Account Expire to get rid of Retainers, everything with the Square-Enix store is more complicated than it needs to be.

May you walk in the light of the Crystal.