FFXIV Caster’s Glamour

I saw some very interesting glamour in Heaven on High this morning and it took a while to track it down.

I found some of the pieces in the Eorzea Gearset Collection. The boots and gloves appear to be the Deepshadow Casting set from the Crystarium Nuts collection. I believe Nuts are a reward for Fates in the Shadowbringers areas.

The jacket is an Arachne Bolero – Crafted by Master Weaver II. Level 50 ilvl 110 for casters. I found on on the Market board. To achieve this look, dye it “Ink Blue” or “Soot Black”. It comes with white sleeves.

The skirt is the Star Velvet Bottoms of Casting which I found on the market board. The default color is black.

My Version of the Glamour

I’ll be able to get the greaves and gloves soon. Nuts are not that hard to farm. So here’s my version of the glamour using Crystarium Greaves and Gloves rather than Deepshadow until I get those. These Crystarium pieces are the level 1 glamour that you get from the quests, not the Tome job armor available at End-Game.

Normally, Examine works fine to see what someone is wearing. But that does not work in Heaven on High. So it took a while to research the Glamour. That’s the “End Game” after all.

Two Questions Remain

So Deepshadow pieces are all level 80. What was a level 80 Summoner doing in Heaven on High? There is no leveling to be done beyond level 80, yet. So what’s the point of running a Deep Dungeon? For the drops?

Second Question? What is going to happen with the Deepshadow Scythe when we get Reaper in Endwalker? Will we get a second Scythe for the Reaper and will they change the name of the Black Mage Weapon to something else.

May you walk in the light of the Crystal.