Aethertech Class – Play As a Mech

A popular class in MMOs is the “Engineer” or Mechanical class. Usually employing gunfire of some kind. GW2, Wow, and Tera all have Engineer orĀ  Gunner classes. One of the fetishes for these classes is a big gun. Well, for the Aion Aethertech class, the gun is bigger than all the rest.

This Mech is not a mount, but actually the weapon for this class.

It flies, and glides and when you “Disembark” you are carrying a CypherKey, which only allows you to “Embark” to ride your Mech. The Mech skills include punches, rockets and rocket powered fists. And this is all out of the box at level 10.

Tera Gunner, eat your heart out. My “Gun” is bigger than yours.

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