Wow – Class Order Hall / Garrisons

So, Class Halls and Garrisons. Different, Right? Actually not so much.

And that’s the odd thing. Class Halls really don’t make much sense as you think about it. By the way, are these Order Halls or Class Halls?

I started to get curious when I was declared the “Leader of the Illidan Forces” in the region. You know, like I was the best Demon Hunter on the Broken Isles at the time.

And then I really got wise when I upgraded my OH so I could make Champion Armaments and saw that I had placed a work order just like back in Draenor.

So I’m guessing that Blizzard thought the whole Instance thing with Garrisons needed a change, but didn’t want to really change anything else so they just mashed all the instances together for the same class. So it makes no sense at all to be doing all these per character / per account things [I guess some of the achievements are per account actually] while you are running around in a shared space with other folks at different stages of the same thing.

Hey, but this is a game, right? It doesn’t have to make sense. And it sure doesn’t.

The fact that Garrisons are an instance is pretty cool actually. I wanna do a test with a friend some time. Walk together side by side into our Garrisons and watch the other person disappear – I mean the characters disappear. Because at some point we each will enter our Garrisons which are separate instances.

And while I’m there with a friend I want to do the other test, which is be in a party and see if the same thing happens or whether when we are in a party we “visit” the other persons Garrison. But I’ll bet that doesn’t work. A little extra work to make all the NPCs not talk to you if you are not the owner and I’ll bet they didn’t do that.

Of  course, the Outposts in Draenor are like Garrisons in that I get to decide what buildings to put there, and yet all the other folks are mashed in there with me, seeing whatever building they put there. So we are together seeing different things. Maybe Garrisons are not instances after all, just shared spaces with differences. Thing is, I never see any other players in my Garrison, so I always assumed it was an instance.

Well, they had to do all of that Different Looks for Different Folks thing in spades for the Order Halls. We all are in different stages of completion of progression of the game and are all mashed together in the same OH. But that’s no different really from visiting anywhere else in the game. NPCs and the Environment is conditional on your progression in the game. It’s just strange to have so many differences mashed into so small a place.

Oh Well. It will be fun to see how they bend this around in the next expansion. I hope you got your Selfie Camera by the way.