Wow Legion – Ok. It’s Fun.

So I just found out about a feature that fixes the problems I was having with playing Legion. I was being overpowered while trying to quest in the Broken Isles. But the Combat Ally feature fixes that.

You can assign one of your “Followers” to be a Combat Ally who follows you around and fights with you. Apparently the first one you get, after a Class Hall mission is Shade of Akama. I’ve only played Demon Hunter, so your mileage on other classes may vary. But this fellow makes progress in the Broken Isles easy rather than frustrating.

Years ago, Guild Wars 1 released a feature called Mercenaries.

Basically the idea is that you could make what Guild Wars 1 called Henchmen, from your ALTs. In GW1, all combat areas are instances, and you are always taking a party. The first design was that you chose other players and filled the party with the appropriate class Henchmen – bots standing around in the towns and outposts. But with Mercenaries, you could take any max level [20] character ALT you had and then recruit it to be a Hero, or private henchman, that you could use at any time. Very cool idea. The game had lots of Heroes that you could recruit too from the Nightfall expansion onward, but Mercs could be of any class. And there was a trick to quickly making any classes you wanted. You could create a PvP character – which was always created at level 20, and then recruit them, and then just delete the character. The Mercenary would remain. Just Rinse / Repeat up to the max of 8 Mercs. So you could create “Followers” at will.

Well, so far Wow Legion has only one Combat Ally at a time. And you can’t control them, which you can with Wow Pets and with GW1 Mercs, but you don’t need to. I played through the area and beyond that stopped me dead, literally, before. We marched right up that path, killing all the mobs on the way, and took out the boss in the cave at the top. No problem. I don’t know what this bright circle of death spell is that the Shade of Akama drops, but it’s an AoE spell that lasts long enough that it makes sense to draw any surrounding mobs to it when it pops.


And that’s not his only attack. He’s not exactly a tank. But he makes the difference between Fun and No Fun. I’m sure that given the power of a single combat ally, that Wow will limit this to one. I see some mention of having one of these in Draenor too, but I think you need to level your Barracks to level 3 before you can use one. It’s only a few Class Hall quests before you get one in Legion.

It will be interesting to see what the other classes have for an Ally when I play them into Legion.

Another thing about Legion is the beautiful art design. Here are some examples to enjoy.

So I’m popping back and forth between a Garrison in Draenor to level my Garrison and collect loot from the followers and missions there, and leveling my Legion Class Hall progression.

I hope you are enjoying things too. Maybe this hint will help if you’ve skipped Class Hall quests like I did.