Wow – Yep, I really do need a guide

I admit, I need a guide to level.

Ok, I admit it. I need a guide to level up. I used to use Xellerated guides – which cost actual money. But after all these years, they are gone or changed their name. And there are lots of guides in the Curse catalog. I did a little looking and chose this one: Wow Pro Guide. This one looks like it has lots of other features – profession leveling, achievements, etc. – that I’ll look into, but I got going right away with the leveling guide and with TomTom which it requires, it works very nicely.

A little window that tells you what to do next and an arrow pointing there.

This guide works the way the one did way back when. You need to set it up by selecting the guide for the area where you are working. Here’s some shots while using it.

Sometimes it gets a little confused, especially during multi-step quests. For example, in this quest where you need to kill some mobs and deactivate 3 crystals, the pointer doesn’t follow from crystal to crystal. But it sends you to the first one and you can pretty easily figure out what to do next.

And sometimes the turn in is a little confusing.

But the guide will take you to hidden quest givers and make sure you do all the quests in a zone in the most efficient way. Here’s the almost hidden quest giver that takes you to the next area of the zone.

This Addon looks as good as the xcellerated guides, at least so far, and the good news is that they are free. We’ll see what happens as I continue to use it.