How to Install Aion in May 2018

This post is back-dated to keep it off the front page.

In May of 2018, there are were problems installing Aion from NCSoft.

A couple of days ago, I tried a clean install on another computer and got the same error. When you try to “report the error” you get another error, probably because the Launcher / Updater can’t reach the web page to report the error. Woops.

Update: I just completed a clean install and it worked without error. Looks like they fixed the problem I saw two days ago.

So here are the steps to install Aion from NCSoft from scratch, and how to get around this problem if you encounter it. We can hope that they fix the install soon so that this error is not encountered. I mention “Aion from NCSoft” since there are private servers out there. I’ve tried one of them, but I’m not suggesting you install Aion from a private server.

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