USB-3 Problem Solved

Cyberstorm in Slim case

In a previous post we talked about moving a server from a clunky old case to a new slimmer case. The only problem was the front panel only had USB-3 connectors, and the motherboard was created before the internal standard for motherboard USB-3 connectors appeared. This older motherboard only has external USB-3 connections on the backplate.

So here’s the fix.


This ORICO company makes many different USB-3 PCI-e cards.There are several manufacturers on Newegg, but these cards look like the highest quality. Their metal brackets are painted black, the PC boards are blue, rather than crap tan, and the connectors look like they are high quality.I don’t really need the 5 USB-3 connectors on the back panel now, but the internal connector is perfect for bringing two USB-3 connections to the front panel.



And all for $20 with free shipping.