New Tires for XTerra

I got my XTerra in the fall of 2005. I only have 36K miles, and the tires aren’t bald, but I didn’t feel comfortable in the snow with the original tires. For some odd reason, probably to save money, the original tires were not really suitable for Oregon in the first place. I’m much happier with my new tires. They have an aggressive tread and are “siped” to increase traction in the rain. Siping [Seyeping] is a pattern of small slits in the tread.

One of the pictures below is a demo of siping at the tire store where two samples of rubber, one siped and one smooth, are dragged across a smooth surface that has water on it. It take much more force to pull the siped sample across the surface. Siping is not a new process and you can see some very minor sniping in the original tires, some of which is picking up gravel chips. But you can see the new tires are much more aggressively siped.

Click on a picture for a larger view.

Bad Laptop Hard Drive

Here’s a bad laptop hard drive I recently replaced. Since the drive is dead, I took off the label and removed the screws and cover to see the platters and arm. Don’t ever spin this drive up again, of course. Click on a picture for a larger view.

Seapine Surround SCM – A First Look

I’ve been looking for a source control solution for some time. I used to use QVCS, but it costs money and you have to get the Enterprise version to get client/ server. At this point I have three, or four, development systems and they include both Windows and Linux.

I considered Bazaar, but after a couple of days I came up with more questions than I had answers. My reasons for not using Bazaar are here.

While there were a few glitches I was able to get going with Surround SCM in a single day. Surround SCM is easy to use, and supports client / server across Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Firefox Sync – Fails to Transfer Everything

Update: My conclusions were wrong. The sync workaround doesn’t work. See end.

I’m using Firefox Sync on 3 systems. Recently I added some bookmarks on one of the systems that were not propagated to the other systems. At first I checked FireFox¬† support and there is a long list of things to check. After checking a few things, I decided to do a test rather than going through the rest of the checks on that page. I did disable the plugins – long lists of Java Consoles of various versions – and that made no difference. What I found out when I did a test was that some changes are propagated and others are not propagated. Here is the test that I performed and here are pictures of the results.

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Using Bazaar – First Steps

These are the things I want to do with Bazaar. I have a network of Win Vista, Win 7 and Ubuntu systems. Click on any picture for a larger view.

1 – Create a project with collocated repository.
Must do this manually due to the bug in creating collocated repositories but it seems to work by using the All command dialog and colo-init.

Creating repository

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Broken Update? Here’s the Fix

If your Jade Dynasty screen looks like this, or if any other MMO you are playing fails to find a server or update does not work, you might want to check this.

Update Screen Failed

If you see this, then you can play the game, as long as you don’t need an update. But the update process clearly won’t work. Continue reading “Broken Update? Here’s the Fix”