Broken Update? Here’s the Fix

If your Jade Dynasty screen looks like this, or if any other MMO you are playing fails to find a server or update does not work, you might want to check this.

Update Screen Failed

If you see this, then you can play the game, as long as you don’t need an update. But the update process clearly won’t work.

The problem might be a bad proxy. While surfing the web, I tripped over a bad site that tried to install a backdoor on my computer. As it turned out, Microsoft Security Essentials caught the bad code and removed it.

Backdoor Caught
Back Door Removed

But what MS Security Essentials did not do was fix up the proxies that this backdoor put in the browsers. I use Firefox, so I found that one right away and removed it. Apparently this backdoor sets a proxy to itself running on the local machine. So when the backdoor is removed, then the proxies don’t work and the browser is broken.

Since I use Firefox for browsing, I discovered and repaired that right away, but Internet Explorer was “proxied” too and I didn’t see that one. But it broke the starter window of Jade Dynasty – and I’m sure lots of other MMOs – since they use MS IE to show the ads and update.

Here’s how to fix MS IE.

Under Tools >> Internet Options Choose the Connections tab.

Internet Options - Connections Tab

Click on LAN settings.

LAN Settings, Proxy Enabled

If things are broken, you may see Proxy Server Enabled. You need to disable the Proxy Server, which you probably don’t need. Click Advanced.

Proxy Settings with Backdoor

This shows a back door in the proxy server settings. Your port number may vary. This is only an example not the actual port I saw in the attack. Clean out the settings and click OK.

Clean Proxy Settings

Now you will see this warning.

Proxy Warning

But that’s fine since y ou are disabling the proxy connection. Click YES to disable the proxy connections.

Now you will see this.

LAN settings

Click OK. And OK again on this screen.

Internet Options - connections

Now all should be well.

Working Again

This is just a suggestion for something to check. Perhaps your problem is different or you need to use a proxy setting.

Hope it works for you. It did for me.

– ww