Introducing Google Phone 30.0

Introducing the GooglePhone 30.0 based on Android and featuring Meme Metal. The GP 30 not only “does” everything that you want it to, it “is” everything that you want it to be. Available for the 2030 Holiday season, the GP 30 is available from several manufacturers including HXS and LGY.

One of the Many Starbucks Memes

Meme metal allows the phone to take on shapes and behaviors based on the application that is currently running. In addition, the phone continues in any of its base capabilities – Phone, Music, Video, Credit and Game. Continue reading “Introducing Google Phone 30.0”

Spinrite Support question

I’m using Spinrite 6 to recover a failed hard drive. Not sure if I should expect it to make progress or whether it’s obviously stuck.

I started it in recovery mode.

Do these screens show that Spinrite is stuck, or should I give it much more time?

It seems to be trying over 2000 times to recover the same sector.