Firefox Sync – Fails to Transfer Everything

Update: My conclusions were wrong. The sync workaround doesn’t work. See end.

I’m using Firefox Sync on 3 systems. Recently I added some bookmarks on one of the systems that were not propagated to the other systems. At first I checked FireFox  support and there is a long list of things to check. After checking a few things, I decided to do a test rather than going through the rest of the checks on that page. I did disable the plugins – long lists of Java Consoles of various versions – and that made no difference. What I found out when I did a test was that some changes are propagated and others are not propagated. Here is the test that I performed and here are pictures of the results.

There are three systems:

  1. Alienstorm – Vista 64
  2. Aliensqual – spelling error in a product license key. Vista x86
  3. CyberStorm – Win 7 64

Here are the steps in my test.

Start on Alienstorm

Create a single bookmark in the toolbar in a folder and then trigger a sync.

AlienStorm - after the test

Here are the Bazaar bookmarks before and after the test.

AlienStorm - Bazaar Bookmarks

Next Aliensqual

AlienSqual - After sync

Now add a bookmark.

AlienSqual - After bookmark

Now do a sync.

And after the test it looks like this:

AlienSqual - After test

Everybody gets these bookmarks, but not these.

AlienSqual - Bazaar bookmarks

Finally CyberStorm

CyberStorm - After Sync

Now add a bookmark and sync.

CyberStorm - Add bookmark and Sync

After Sync we still have no Bazaar bookmarks from Aliensqual, but we have it’s changed bookmark.

CyberStorm - After Sync no Bazaar bookmarks
Up to date Firefox Sync everywhere

After this, one more thing.

After this I added a bookmark to the Bazaar bookmarks folder and then did a sync and the folder of bazaar bookmarks was ignored, but the single added bookmark was transferred.

Then I dragged the folder to another position in the bazaar folder and it was transferred with sync.

Isn’t this a problem?

Looks like Sync has a problem. Clearly the configuration is ok on all the systems because they will sync some bookmarks, but not all the bookmarks are synced. Sometimes bookmarks are lost in the sync and are not recovered later in other syncs unless they are moved.

– Windy

Update: The workaround does not work. Dragging the folder causes the folder to be sync’ed but the contents are missing for the other computers. It is as if the bookmarks are invisible to sync.

AlienStorm - Still missing after drag

As you can see, the folder is now present on AlienStorm, and CyberStorm too, but the bookmarks are still missing.