Firefox Sync – Fails to Transfer Everything

Update: My conclusions were wrong. The sync workaround doesn’t work. See end.

I’m using Firefox Sync on 3 systems. Recently I added some bookmarks on one of the systems that were not propagated to the other systems. At first I checked FireFox¬† support and there is a long list of things to check. After checking a few things, I decided to do a test rather than going through the rest of the checks on that page. I did disable the plugins – long lists of Java Consoles of various versions – and that made no difference. What I found out when I did a test was that some changes are propagated and others are not propagated. Here is the test that I performed and here are pictures of the results.

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Using Bazaar – First Steps

These are the things I want to do with Bazaar. I have a network of Win Vista, Win 7 and Ubuntu systems. Click on any picture for a larger view.

1 – Create a project with collocated repository.
Must do this manually due to the bug in creating collocated repositories but it seems to work by using the All command dialog and colo-init.

Creating repository

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