New Computer Arrived

CyberPowerPC Haf-X Case

The new computer has arrived. The details of the order are here.

This is what I had before, other than the Alienware Systems.

Two Compaq Presarios

These are 4 year old Compaq Presarios. Both have low-end NVidia cards, and plenty of memory and HD. But the processors are slow AMD 3400’s or so. One is running Linux and one is WinXP. The XP system is going on to a friend who has an even older system. The Linux system is just fine running Ubuntu 10.04.

CyberPowerPC Haf-X Case

The new computer with a mondo Cooler Master HAF-X case.

Water Cooling

I got this one with Liquid Cooling. The reservoir is up front and takes two slots in the front panel.

Liquid Cooling Reservoir

I got one of the better media card slots with a fan controller.

Media / Fan Controller

I did have to move the sensor to the actual CPU heat sink tho. They left it taped to the case.

Now I have a weeks work to move all the software over and make sure it’s working.

– windy