2Moons – Level 30 for All of Us

Hello from 2Moons. We have all made good progress since we last spoke. We brothers and sisters are all above level 30 now, although it has been a trial for some to get there. Most of us are beginning to get our wide area damage skills now, but Soul Aura, as a Segnale, and Windy Squall as a Bagi Warrior do not have these skills until much later in their training. So they are struggling. Continue reading “2Moons – Level 30 for All of Us”

2Moons – Management Database

Managing a stable of characters in an RPG is a complicated process. My limited experience with MMORPGs indicates that it can be more efficient to build more than one character at a time. At least it is more interesting. In the two MMORPGs that I’ve tried I’ve built several characters to try to learn more about the game and the character classes. In 2Moons I’m currently running six characters. This is efficient since as they level up all the interesting loot is saved for the other characters and one higher level character can finance a lower level character’s purchase of expensive items.

But, the downside of doing this is you have to keep track of all the loot that each character has and what they need. In Guild Wars this was easy because there is an account-wide storage facility where all the loot is kept. But with 2Moons, each character has a separate stash, or storage locker, so you have to remember what’s in each one to avoid wasting time with items that you already have collected.

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2Moons – Brothers Progress

This is a report from we brothers now that we are all near level 30. Vengeful Breeze was the first one to cross level 31. Level 31 is a significant milestone since it is the level where we get new shiny armor. As you can see, my Thunder Armor set is quite nice and shiny. The miracle coating sheds all the gore that is a constant problem when killing the monsters required to advance in this world.

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