2Moons – Brothers Progress

This is a report from we brothers now that we are all near level 30. Vengeful Breeze was the first one to cross level 31. Level 31 is a significant milestone since it is the level where we get new shiny armor. As you can see, my Thunder Armor set is quite nice and shiny. The miracle coating sheds all the gore that is a constant problem when killing the monsters required to advance in this world.

You can also see my bright and glowing swords. These are new at level 30 – The Royal Bastard model. As luck would have it, an advanced knight dropped a fully fortified version of this sword near the Stash – storage locker – back when I was a level 24 or so and I snapped it up and saved it. I knew the value of a fortified sword. My last set of swords were Amazing Horns that I fortified myself with 3 times +33 damage for an extra 99 damage. They packed quite a punch for a level 24 weapon set. My experiments have indicated several things in the choice of weapons for my class – Azure Knight, and we have all learned similar lessions for our classes.

High Damage Weapons are key to success. Armor needs to be sufficient, but nothing can help one progress more than high damage weapons.

For the Azure Knight class, the best weapon combination that I have found is two swords. These have a high damage rate and if properly fortified do more damage per second than other classes of weapons. Double Axes, also fortified, are also good, but as luck would have it, I have found sword pairs that are more easily fortified, or have come that way, in the case of my find of the Royal  Bastard. Here is a view of these new swords and their specifications:

As you can see, the sword I found, in my right hand, has lightning damage which contributes to its purple glow. The one I fortified has pure physical pain, which glows orange. The damge they deal is truely awesome. As you will see in Windy Squall’s report, with these powerful weapons we are able to achieve the next level in about an hour of heavy work with the right level foes. Pick foes that are too easy and you spend too much time chasing around to find them, and if the foes are too powerful, then you spend too much time killing each one and even tho the experience points are higher, your leveling time is increased. If you can kill each foe in just a few blows, in 3 to 5 seconds, then your leveling time is minimized. We have all learned this lesson in our travels.

I have been working in Requies Coast killing Heilons. These are tame foes that are plentiful and easily killed. The coast is quite a walk from Denebe town, but the loot drops and the plentiful foes are worth the trip. I was able to find many weapons and armor pieces for me and my brothers and sisters there. I only had to buy two of the five pieces of Thunder Armor – the helm and gauntlets. All the rest was collected during my hunts.

Happy New Year, and good hunting,

– Windy Flayer

Hello from Denebe and Happy New Year. I too have reached a milestone – not yet to level 30 for my new Oxhorn Armor, but I have reached level 26 and have been using my new fortified Mach Punch gauntlets. At one point I thought I might continue to use the previous Ogre Knuckles that I fortified back at level 18, but I found that after a few levels I had all the stones and DIL required to upgrade the new Mach Punch weapons. They do much more damage; each blow averages about 500 damage points as I typically am configured with my damage boost rings.

At level 25 I obtained a new skill as well, called Chain Burst. This is the first skill in the spirit side of my training and it brings a whole new level of pain to my adversaries. While each blow brings about 500 damage, the chain burst skill sends a burst of over 1000 damage to all the foes in front of me. Here is a picture of Chain Burst in action.

This wipes out much of the health of any set of foes and this allows just a couple of punches to finish them off.

While I am a formitable opponent and can take on very powerful monsters with my great armor and vast health reserves, leveling up quickly requires quick kills, so working on Lizardman Knights seems the right mix for rapid leveling. About three blows are all that’s required to scatter their remains and let me move quickly on to the next one.

Keep your armor clean and your boots dry. Happy New Year.

– Windy Squall

Happy New Year. As you can see, I too have reached level 31 and have new armor and swords. There is a poweful staff too that can deal great damage, but nothing beats the dual swords for quick killing power. These are Denebola twinswords, first available at level 30, and I have fortified them. I have great sympathy for Windy Flayer for when he fortifies two swords, each sword must be fortified with three stones at great cost in time and DIL. But to fully fortify both of my twinswords requires only three stones. My armor is complete now at level 31, although I am keeping my previous helm since it is more powerful and gives me great energy and health. I will upgrade when a better helm is available.

You can see my constant compainion Grewpain, the parrot demon. His lightning bolts now exceed 300 damage, so he is quite a help in killing monsters. As I progress, level 36 is a large milestone for me since at that point I gain the assistance of the huge Genie called Aldebaran. I look forward to his service in my progress toward level 100 and beyond. There are many other demons at my command as I progress as well as skills to vanquish the monsters and foes of this land.

To all my brothers and sisters in this land, Happy New Year, and watch your back.

– Vengeful Breeze