2Moons – Christmas 2008 Letters

Greetings and Happy Holidays from Braiken Castle and surrounding territories. I am called Windysquall and I’m a Bagi Warrior. I’m sure you can look my race up on the 2Moons site, so I’ll move on with my Christmas letter. We are now six, we brothers and sisters in 2Moons. I’ve started the letters since I’d like to thank all my brothers and sisters for their great sacrifice to provide me with my new enhanced weapons.

Here is a picture of me with my Ogre Knuckles beside the Christmas Tree in Braiken Castle.

My brothers and sisters have paid and provided great stones to allow me to upgrade my knuckles. To get maximum power and this great glow, you apparently need 4 stone sockets in a weapon, although some daggers glow with only two sockets. We all found this process of sockets and stones very confusing at first, but we have figured it out with a little trial and error. Even the 2Moons wiki is not very much help with the actual process, or at least we could not find it. Lady Stormwind was the first one to figure out the process so here is a description of the process she discovered:

  1. If you find a weapon as a drop that already has sockets, then you can continue directly with fortifying those sockets. Continue with step 4.
  2. If your weapon doesn’t have any sockets or if you want more sockets, then you take the weapon to an alchemist along with some stones that you also find as drops. The stones you will need are the ones that say they are for weapons. This is very odd, but apparently the stones that you take to the alchemist do not actually contribute to the weapon, but only to the process of making the socket, so you should use your low level stones with the alchemist and save your high level stones for the later step of the process.
  3. You ask the alchemist to fortify a socket and hand her the weapon and some of the low level stones. The more stones you give her at this point the higher the possibility is that the process will proceed, so give her a lot of stones. The process is quite expensive – 10,000 DIL for a low level weapon for each socket. If the process fails, we are not sure what happens. At least you lose your money and stones. I am not sure whether the weapon is also lost. I would hope not.
  4. Now you have a weapon with one or more sockets. These show up as empty indentations in the weapon in your inventory. If you are lucky enough to find a weapon with the sockets already there you can begin to drop the stones in there in the next step. You should create as many sockets as you can afford if you want to have the weapon glow. As I said, Lady Stormwind has two daggers – one she passed to Soul Aura – that glow very nicely with only two sockets.
  5. Pick your strongest stones – those with the most weapon upgrades – for this step. Click on the stone in you inventory and then drop it in the socket you desire in the weapon. You will get a chance to confirm that this is what you intend to do. Apparently it is possible to remove a stone from a socket, but this costs more money, so avoid it if possible.

Here is a picture of my Ogle Knuckles with their sockets filled:

As you can see, the stones that Windy Flayer provided as his Christmas present to me are each +33 Damage, so the knuckle is a total of +132 Damage more powerful. This is quite an upgrade for a weapon of this level. The normal damage is normally 112 at most, and so this more than doubles the damage of the weapon.

As you can see from the following picture when I’m using it, my level and the other upgrades that I’m using cause much more damage to be dealt.

Here’s a picture of my new weapons just before I started using them in the cave:

You can see they are glowing nicely. When I was using them in the cave though, something very strange happened: After about an half an hour, one of the knuckles blew out:

I had to take them off and put them back on to restart them:

So thanks very much to all my brothers and sisters that collected DIL and stone to allow me to upgrade my Ogre Knuckles. I’m killing monsters much more quickly now so I’m leveling up much faster. I may delay the weapon upgrade for quite a while since these weapons may be more powerful than the standard weapons at the next level. I’ll have to test and see what happens.

Thanks again, and happy holidays,

– WindySquall

Hello and Happy Holidays. Just a short note to wish you a happy holidays and to let you know how I’m doing. I’m trained as a Segita Hunter, so I use Bow, Crossbow and Dagger.  I was the first to discover the weapon upgrade strategy and have discovered that when I use the dagger and the right skills I can kill faster than with the bow or cross bow. I’m sure that will change when I get stronger skills for the dagger, but right now the dagger is best. My Christmas presents were  level 24 and level 30 daggers from WindyFlayer and Vengeful Breeze along with some armor pieces.

Thanks again for all the presents.

– Lady Stormwind

Hello, and Happy Holidays. I’m a Vicious Summoner with swords and a magic staff. I’m very powerful with my standard weapons and my pet Grewpain – a parrot sort of demon that I can summon to help me fight. I also have a Tarantula, but it is ugly waddling along behind me so I rarely use it. With my powerful weapons, spells and demons, I have not had to do weapon upgrades to make very good progress in my craft.

Here is a picture of me in Castor Cave with my Grewpain.

Happy Holidays and I’m happy to have been help with funds and stones and equpment for all my brothers and sisters.

– Vengeful Breeze

Happy Holidays. I’m Sandy Dunewinds. I am an Incar Magician which is like an Elementalist in Guid Wars, so Sandy Dunewinds of Elona and I are kindred spirits.

I have had much trouble with my studies. While I have plenty of energy and health, my weapons and skills do not kill with enough power to allow me to level up quickly. Now that we have figured out the secret of powerful weapons, I understand that I’m next on the list for a powerful staff upgrade. When I reason level 24 – I’m now 23 so not long – I hope to receive funds and stones to allow me to upgrade my Divine Staff with 4 powerful stones so that I can make much more progress and keep up with the rest of the brothers and sisters.

Talk to you again soon and thank you all.

– Sandy Dunewinds

Happy Holidays! This is Windy Flayer an Azure Knight. I’m at level 23 just today and thought I would share some upgrade experiments that I’ve been doing. I’ve been using double axes, not upgraded, and  have been getting about 370 or so damage per hit with that. The double axes do more damage than the larger two handed weapons because the hit rate is higher. Double swords work in this way as well, but do less damage per hit than axes.

One of the sword types that we have been collecting is the Amazing Horn, and I have three of these. I’ve not been using them since I have some Twin Spades and those cause more damage per hit. With the normal swords I was getting about 350 per hit and the axes give about 370. I decided to experiment with a weapon upgrade to the Amazing Horn that we found that had one socket already. I collected a few stones from the others and with funds that I had, I added another socket and added two +33 Damage stones to the sword. The results were quite amazing. Upgrading one sword apparently has the effect of upgrading the hits from both swords. With only two sockets, the sword does not glow, but the effect is to give about 100 more damage per hit. Here are some pictures that show the damage points.

First the unmodified swords. This is from a pair of Amazing Horns.

Now for the pair of Amazing Horns, only one of them is upgraded, remember.

Notice that the typical damage is about 100 points more than with the normal swords.

And the magic damage is about 100 points higher too. At least I assume that this is what the blue number means. I’m not really sure.

Here are the stats for the normal sword by itself.

Here is the stats for the upgraded sword when it’s used with another sword. Notice the upgrade to the damage just because there are two swords.

Dual weapons can be either two swords or two axes or a sword and an axe. All the combinations get a dual weapon benefit.

Happy Holidays.

– Windy Flayer