Computer Frustrations?

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Computer Frustrations? Call Windy Weather to help with software or hardware problems, buy an upgrade, or eliminate spyware, adware or viruses.
(541) 888-4262.

We will help you upgrade your software or your hardware. Advise you about applications to solve your problems, or keep things running smoothly.

  • Hard drive or memory on that two year old computer too small?
  • Need a new Video Card to play that new video game?
  • Want to upgrade to Windows XP? But it seems two daunting a task to approach alone?
  • Adware, Spyware slowing you down and clogging you up? We can help you eliminate it and keep it out.
  • Time to buy a new computer, but it seems to complicated to deal with all the options?
  • Need a secure wireless network for your home or business, but all the options and security issues seem too complex.
  • Need a website that shows your business or personal identity, and can be easily maintained without detailed knowledge of the web?

Whatever your problem, we can help. Darrell has been a computer professional for over 30 years, and he has kept up with the times and the technology. If it says Windows, he can help with your problems.

Darrell also has years of experience with digital video and digital photography. As an accomplished photographer, he can take that special picture of you water skiing or surfing. Or he can work on the photo that you have to clean it up and turn it into a masterpiece, or just make it so you will want a print. Darrell has converted home movies to DVDs. From film or video tape, preserve those memories, or add your narration and make a special gift for your children.

Reasonable rates.

Serving Coos Bay and the South Coast of Oregon.

(541) 888 4262

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