First Linux C++ Program Works

My first real linux program using KDevelop and QT works.

Using KDevelop 3.3.3 on SUSE 10.1 I’ve ported one of my WinMFC programs to Linux. The GUI is written with the QT3 tool kit and QTdesigner in KDevelop.


When the program is running the appropriate buttons are disabled and the program saves and restores the configuration [interval and Watch on Start] and the site list.

Update: You can find the modern version of the program here.

Installling Linux for the First Time

Experiences installing SUSE Linux 10.1 for the first time.

While I’ve been a software engineer for years and have used *nix systems for some of those years, I’ve never installed or used Linux before. I started my foray into this subject by installing SUSE 10.1 on a DELL WS 410:

  • Dual 400MHz PII with 768MB of memory
  • 9 GB SCSI hard drive
  • NVidia GFX4200 Graphics

This system has been running Win XP Pro quite nicely. Performance has actually been quite good and this system is very usable under windows for document prep, C++ programming using Visual Studio 6 and web browsing.
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